Indigenous Justice: The Navajo Nation Situation

On Friday, June 15th, OB’s Decolonize to Liberate is hosting a lecture*, by James Zion, on Indigenous Justice. One of the positive hallmarks of the Decolonize and Occupy movements is recognition of the reality of indigenous peoples and indigenous rights. This talk will highlight the importance of indigenous rights in the United States, using the example of the Dine’, the Navajo People of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, in terms of both Dine’ rights and the rights of all the 99%.

The United Nations Indigenous Forum recently concluded discussions of the falsity of the “Discovery Doctrine,” and discussions of the pretexts of Europe in the theft of lands and liberties in the Americas are relevant to the Occupy movement: How is it that the same discourses of conquest that were, and are, sued to dominate indigenous peoples are also being used to dominate and exclude the 99% from effective power?

The situation of Navajos, who have treaties with Spain, Mexico and the United States but who have a dependent international state, is relevant to us all. As we learn about and discuss their situation we will better understand our own.

James W. Zion is a public interest lawyer who lives in Albuquerque and practices law in the Navajo Nation and international fora- UN Indigenous Forum, UN Commission on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Geneva, etc. . His client base is primarily individual Navajos, Navajo nonprofit corporations and Navajo community organizations. He is the international counsel for the National Indian Youth Council. Zion has been in practice 43 years. His focus is public interest law in Indian Country.

* DtL meeting begins at 6:00. Lecture will start at 6:30.

First Parish in Cambridge, 3 Church Street Cambridge, MA 02138 (across from Harvard T stop)


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