GA Agrees to FAWG Request for a Community Conversation

The below proposal was agreed to at Occupy Boston’s General Assembly, on Tuesday, 3/27/12

Occupy Boston’s Financial Accountability Working Group invites the OB community to hear FAWG’s story, to consider its history,  to feel its distress, to understand its observations and concerns, to think about OB’s relationship to FAWG and to money  – and to engage in a conversation.

FAWG proposes to tell this story and to facilitate this conversation, at Occupy Boston’s General Assembly, for two hours, on Tuesday, April 10, 2012.

FAWG will take minutes of the conversation and capture key ideas, issues and concerns on easel pad paper, all of which will be made available for review on FAWG’s wiki page.

FAWG will ask for evaluation and possible next steps, at the end of the meeting.

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