Don’t deport single mother Siham Byah

Single mother Siham Byah was detained on Nov 7th, by Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE). We need you to pressure the local ICE office in Burlington, MA to #FreeSiham. We can’t let Siham be deported to Morocco with her 8 year old son waiting for her to come home. Please sign the petition to #FreeSiham now.

Siham, resident of Nahant and from Morocco is a human rights activist. Sources close to her believe she has been targeted because of her activism and are fearful that this is part of a growing epidemic of undocumented immigrants being targeted for their constitutional use of free speech. Her detention was totally unexpected, completely unwarranted, and in direct violation of established ICE policy. She had no time to plan care for her 8 year old son.

Matt Cameron, her lawyer, spoke with Siham on Tuesday, and told him to let us all know that she will be on a hunger strike until she is released. She is deeply appreciative of your calls and commitment to show up for her. Sign the petition here to #FreeSiham so she can be reunited with her son. The community is mobilizing to #FreeSiham and show our support. Please call local ICE officer Homsy at the number below.

CALL ICE: 781-359-7500 press 4#, and tell the desk officer that you are calling to ask for Siham Byah to be released back to the community.

CALL HER CONGRESSMAN: Representative Seth Moulton, (202) 225-8020 or (978) 531-1669, and Tweet @sethmoulton

Can you join me and take action? Click here:

Movimiento Cosecha and IfNotNow Boston organized a rally for Siham on Nov 8th. It looks like there’s another rally planned for the 15th:

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