Boston Tells Bank Of America “No Coal”

Join members of the The Occupy Boston Climate Action, Sustainability and Environmental Justice Working Group and the Rainforest Action Network at forums this weekend on Saturday at 2 pm in Sudbury, and Sunday at 3 pm in Cambridge.

Bank of America is one of the most toxics corporate brands in America. And that has special importance to Boston as many of its top decision-makers make their home here.

It currently pays no taxes to the government, yet received massive bailouts after they crashed the economy. It is currently the largest forecloser of homes in the U.S. They’ve laid off tens of thousands of their own employees, while bestowing their execs with lavish bonuses. It has just been recently reported that CEO Brian Moynihan’s salary quadrupled in the past year.

But Bank of America’s policies also have an environmental impact. It is currently the largest financier of the coal industry in the U.S. They fund companies destroying Appalachia’s mountains and they fund companies polluting communities with dirty air and dirty water. It’s relationships have destroyed eco-systems and communities around the country.

Now Boston’s climate activists are bringing the struggle against Bank of America’s environmental policies to CEO Brian Moynihan’s and other executives’ hometown.

Early in the afternoon on Tax Day (April 17), climate activists showed up to Bank of America’s downtown offices at 100 Federal St. with flyers, signs and chants. They were soon joined by over 30 housing activists with Right To The City and then more with Occupy Boston. Tax Day all over the country focused on Bank of America’s misdeeds against the American public and this combination of housing, climate and economic justice activists.

In the past weeks, wanted posters of Moynihan have begun to show up in downtown Boston and Moynihan’s home suburb of Wellesley Hills.  And we’ve begun to see transformations of standard Bank of America ATMs to “Automated Truth Machines.”

On May 5th in Sudbury, MA (neighboring community to many BofA execs) will host “The Real Cost Of Coal” forum featuring speakers from coal impacted communities from Appalachia to the Powder River Basin. Then on May 6th, another forum will happen in Cambridge, MA.

A movement in Boston is beginning to awaken against Bank of America and it’s hometown climate criminals. Join us if you can.


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