Boston Socialist Unity conference March 17 at MIT

Dear socialist, Left and progressive organizations,

We invite you to participate in the third annual conference of the Boston Socialist Unity Project, March 17 at MIT (9-5 pm). This year the conference theme is, “Building Socialist Power: social movements and the Left in an election year.” Plenary speakers include Savina Martin, Eastern Massachusetts coordinator of the Poor People’s Campaign, and Rebecca Vilkomerson, national executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace, who will address Palestinian Rights. Jill Stein will address US imperialism and the situation in Korea. Other speakers will discuss issues concerning labor and women’s rights. Current information about the conference is posted at, which also has information about the 2017 conference. Facebook: BostonSocialists

A strong socialist community in Boston is essential for working people and the dispossessed to build power and eventually replace capitalism with a social system based on human needs and not profit. BSUP hopes to foster more communication, cooperation and a broader vision of the future; it is our intention to support socialist and Left organizations and individuals through nonsectarian education and activities.

There are many ways to become involved:

Socialist and Left strategies and organizing to build capacity and impact are ever more urgently needed in these challenging times! We hope you will join us!

In solidarity,

Boston Socialist Unity Project

contact: bostonsocialistunity(AT)

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