Banking Actions Working Group Endorses June 16th Anti-Austerity March

414052 115680215237327 243552333 o 791x1024 Banking Actions Working Group Endorses June 16th Anti Austerity MarchAfter finalizing plans for several other direct actions targeting lawless banking entities in the months ahead, the Banking Actions working group voted tonight to endorse the Saturday, June 16th anti-austerity march that will begin from Dewey Square starting at 12:30 pm. Some working group members participating in the march will emphasize the roll of banks in waging a war of austerity against the 99 percent throughout America and across the world. For more about the march, go here.

The Banking Actions Working Group meets every Wednesday at 6:30 pm in Copley Square on the grass and is a great group to join if you’ve been looking for opportunities to get more involved with Occupy to take action to support real change in the Boston area and throughout Massachusetts.

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