Anti-GMO Rally at State House – 4:30 today!

Hank Paulson at Closed Door Bio-tech Reception’ 5:00-  7:00 pm with MA state legislators.

paulsonpicture Anti GMO Rally at State House   4:30 today!

“The architect of our demise” Hank Paulson is the keynote speaker at today’s luncheon for the International BIO convention.  Little known fact, key sponsors of BIO 2012 will be meeting at the statehouse from 5:00 – 7:00 pm with members of MA state legislature Paulson is rumored to be in attendance.

Whywalkabout, LEAH Advocacy Group, and members of Occupy Boston will be at the Massachusetts Statehouse to protest the use of our public buildings for closed door meetings between the legislature and big money sponsors.

“Henry Paulsen, ex-Goldman Sachs CEO, and a major architect, of the transfer of $700 billion in taxpayer money to Sachs and other major banks, has been chosen as a keynote speaker for the June 18-21 international Biotechnology Industry Organization convention in Boston. Paulsen will be discussing the importance of “balancing austerity (presumably for the majority) and growth (for corporate and wealthy interests)” with fellow ex-Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin. While many Americans are calling for the prosecution of Paulsen, whose net worth has been estimated as approximately $700 million, for his extensive record of  corporate crime, the biotech industry has chosen to align itself with him and his notoriously destructive views and policy stances.” – Jeffery Levy
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