A Discussion: What Have We Done Lately?

The GA on March 5 will be set aside for the first of several discussions designed to evaluate the contributions of OB since the camp, and to evaluate ideas about future directions. Our first discussion will attempt to answer the following question: What are the most significant accomplishments of OB since the end of camp?

A potential list might include:

  • Sustaining Occupy Boston as a movement/organization. GA, SAA, Working Groups, events and actions, mutual aid, financial support, capacity building, celebrations.
  • Campaigns and Actions. Occupy MBTA, NATO actions, Occupy Monsanto, Strike Debt.
  • Presence for our ideas. OB radio, Boston Occupier, OB website and social media, educational events.
  • Connecting to other movements, organizations and Occupies. Vets for Peace, City Life/Vida Urbana, SEIU, 350.org, Encuentro5.

Everyone is encouraged to make his/her own list of what was accomplished and its significance (and bring copies if possible). Members of working groups are strongly encouraged to report on their specific accomplishments, as well.

Please Join us on Tuesday March 5th, 7pm at Community Church (565 Boylston Street).

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