We won!

I don’t know if you heard, but Firedoglake, whose “Occupy Supply” program has been helping us keep warm all winter, ran a contest for “outstanding community activism” on the part of local Occupations. The prizes included five “command post” tents suitable for organizing in all weathers, and Livestream-ready laptops.

And we won! Occupy Atlanta is among the five occupations awarded tents by the Firedoglake community:

“The courage and determination of those who continue to maintain occupations after they have been raided is impressive. Occupy Atlanta came back even stronger after the raid on their encampment, and their foreclosure work continues to be a beacon of hope for the entire occupy movement. Every day we see occupy groups popping up in new cities around the world, as the movement works its way into the fabric of our global consciousness in a profound and transformational way.”

People love to declare that Occupy is over. When our encampment was raided at the end of October, many people predicted that it would be the end of Occupy Atlanta. But if the events of the last three months have proven nothing else, it’s that we aren’t going anywhere. We are here to stay.

Lt. Dan Choi will be coming in person to deliver our tent. Let’s show him a big Occupy Atlanta welcome! And go on from there.

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