The People vs. Sheriff Thomas Brown

Occupy Atlanta and community allies organized a rally outside of Sheriff Thomas Brown’s office at 4415 Memorial Drive today. Over 100 people showed up with signs and carrying some of the wreckage that Sheriff Brown and his officers left in Chris Frazer’s lawn less than a week ago. The furniture was placed in front of the entrance to the Sheriff’s department with the idea of bringing the housing crisis right to their doorstep. The Sheriff’s office locked the door and refused to respond to community concerns. Chris Frazer, Carmen Pittman, and Pastor Dexter Johnson all spoke to the crowd outside demanding that Sheriff Brown apologize and let Chris Frazer back in her home. After the demonstration, Dekalb deputies pulled over one of the lead organizers for no reason, threatened anyone who attempted to film the scene, impounded the vehicle, and cuffed an activist that refused to stop recording the officers as they obstructed the law. Later that activist was taken to Grady hospital for injuries and released from custody.

Chris’ house was foreclosed on fraudulently by Investors One Corporation in October 2011, and she currently has a case in federal court disputing the foreclosure. In March, activists with Occupy Atlanta set up camp on her lawn and committed to stay to defend Chris’ home from eviction. That all changed last week when 50 officers stormed her house at 3 AM, and put Chris, her 85 year old mother, and 3 year old grandson out on the street, ignoring the federal court order that was supposed to protect her. No matter how Sheriff Thomas Brown tries to spin it, the actions taken by him and his deputies was just plain wrong. Dekalb County deserves better.

Please call Sheriff Thomas Brown’s office and demand that he let Chris Frazer return to her home.

(404) 298-8145

Click here to learn more about Chris Frazer’s story.

Following the eviction, expenses are adding up, as Chris and her family try to find a place to live, and store their belongings in the meantime. Please donate in anyway you can.

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