The Frazer Home: It Comes Down to This (The Here & Now)

Foreclosure: a household grapples with unemployment, illness, or even death. But what about the story regarding a possible eviction? For Christine Frazer and her family this is no longer just a debate. We at Occupy Atlanta have been educating ourselves since October — When we took the park, and November –when we started Home Defense, about how the process works. There’s foreclosure, dispossessory, and then eviction. Eviction is where the threat of muscle is no longer just a threat.

But, that is where Occupy Atlanta comes into play. The variables are, for the most part, the same as they have ever been. The system has the judicial system, law enforcement, and the law itself inexorably moving towards one end: eviction for a family of four. That’s four human beings and four generations. However, there is one variable that is independent. Or perhaps two. Activists that comprise Occupy Atlanta do not shy away from confrontation but instead form a wall of defiance against laws and functionaries of an unjust system. We will be arrested and we will resist. We do not relent. We do not contemplate a timetable or an end date. The second variable is that of the community and the social will in general. The 99% will only suffer in silence for so long. Then they will speak. When they are not heard or responded to, they will act. Christine Frazer has done just that. She is bucking a system. This system believes that it is justifiable, in the eyes of the law then presumably in the eyes of justice, to force an elderly person and a dependent child into homelessness. This is patently wrong. Decent persons will not stand idly by in this situation. The Frazer family is in the end-stage of the system in place; they are facing imminent eviction at the hands of the DeKalb Marshals with the help of a company hired by the entity Investors One Corps. We call on Investors One Corps to work with the Frazer family and give up the property. We call on the Marshal’s office to not force homelessness upon this family. We call on any eviction company who would be willing to forcibly remove the belongings of the Frazer family onto the side of the road to rethink any such proposal; the money is not worth the human cost. And finally, we call upon all Georgians, and especially those native to South Dekalb and Decatur, to support the Frazer family of 3662 Wellhaun road, decatur, georgia. Let’s shame a shameless system into doing what is right and give the Frazer family their home back. Start here: there are a limited number of companies in the greater Atlanta Metro Area who do ”Eviction Services”. They are currently overworked. Let’s let them know that the Frazer’s home at 3663 Wellhaum is off limits!

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