Rally against SB469 at Capitol on Thursday – this is it

Stand Up For Free Speech and the rights of women, the needy and all people.

Yesterday the Georgia House engaged in heavy debate over the anti-free speech Senate Bill 469. The original bill specifically targeted unions, which is clearly unconstitutional. Under last night’s amendments, the Georgia House is no longer picking on just unions, the language of SB 469 now targets anyone or any group who pickets outside private property.

One of the biggest concerns with SB 469, which has largely been overlooked by the press, is section 5. Section 5 makes it a high and aggravated crime to plan or engage in any civil disobedience that might result in a criminal trespass charge which is the typical charge one receives when engaging in a sit in. The penalty for planning or participating in a nonviolent sit-in, say at Woolworths, would be up to two years in prison and/or a rather hefty fine.

Several community leaders will be joining us at the press conference including Doctor Joseph Lowery, who has committed to civil disobedience if SB 469 passes, and Tea Party Organizer Debbie Dooley who stated, “There’s one thing that Occupy Atlanta and the Atlanta Tea party can agree on and that’s defending the first amendment. SB 469 is unconstitutional and we’re going to fight, Thursday at the capitol, because the last day is when shenanigans happen”

The legislature is also considering other bills that attack women, the poor, the unemployed and the immigrant community.

We will gather at 9am. The rally starts at 10am. We will be there all day so our voices will be heard. Come join us when and for whatever time you can.

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