Proposal passed January 13

Process for dissolving an active committee

For the purposes of this proposal, an active committee is one which has regularly scheduled and announced meetings (at least once every two weeks), posts minutes to the website, and does report-backs at the General Assembly at least once a week.

1) For the process of dissolving an active committee to go forward, the minutes of the committee meetings must show that those attempting to dissolve the committee have attended committee meetings and attempted to address the issues they are bringing forth as reasons for dissolving the committee. If no minutes are available, this requirement is waived but the committee members must be allowed to comment on the subject.

2) Those who have concerns with how the committee is operating must announce the establishment of a working group to address those concerns. The working group must be publicly announced as well as its meeting times, and it must meet at least twice. The working group meetings must have minutes, and the minutes must show that good-faith attempts were made to address the concerns being raised.

3) Only at that point can a proposal to dissolve an active committee be brought.

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