#OccupyAtlanta | Alive and Well! | 10.11.11

Tuesday October 10,2011 Georgia Atlanta #OccupyAtlanta  
On Monday October 10, Occupy Atlanta retained its encampment in Woodruff Park (aka Troy Davis Park) as the focal point of peaceful protests for regaining the integrity of our economic and political system. Atlanta Police entered into dialog with Occupy participants earlier in the day and assured people that there would be no surprise attacks or aggression if the police were given the order to enforce ordinances to remove the camp. On Monday evening Atlanta Police established a significant presence surrounding the park, and it appeared that they were prepared to act. Later it became evident that they would instead respect the occupation, and demobilized. Occupy Atlanta anticipates more contact with the office of Mayor Kasim Reed and seeks to work cooperatively with our city in the spirit of Martin Luther King and our other native champions of civil rights. Occupy Atlanta is a part of the nationwide Occupy movement started by Occupy Wall Street. We are in protest of the excessive power that corporations have in our country. Corporate money in politics has defiled the very fabric of America: Democracy. Our nation’s economy, education and environment has been forfeited to sustain the 1%’s greed. We say no more. We are the 99%.
Click HERE for a direct link to a few more videos from Monday night .

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