Occupy Monsanto S17 Strategy Planning Session Sat 6/23 4pm

Posted on behalf of The Food Supply Rescue Coalition (FSRC) and Occupy Monsanto S17 Planning Team.. Please direct any questions to Jaye Crawford funfitness@earthlink.net

Occupy Monsanto S17 Strategy Planning Session I
Saturday, June 23

4:00pm until 7:00pm

The International Action Center Office, Room 203

S17 *** What’s Your Vision? *** S17

On September 17, 2012 the world will rise up to Occupy Monsanto on this Global Day of Action. Please join together on Saturday, June 23 for Strategy Planning Session I.

Mission: To share ideas and create an outline for S17 Occupy Mo…nsanto Atlanta-based community events and direct actions.

Special Guest Speaker: GMO expert Cathy Harris

Cathy Harris lead over 30 lectures on GMOs last year. She has received training from national-recognized GMO expert Jeffery Smith, founder of The Institute for Responsibility. She is a powerful speaker and very knowledgeable on the subjects of GMOs and Monsanto.

Location: The International Action Center Office, Room 203
Little Five Points Community Center
1083 Austin Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

(Building is also location for WRFG Radio. Room 203 on top floor)

Hosted by the currently-forming Food Supply Rescue Coalition (FSRC). The FSRG is an Atlanta-based, horizontal grassroots organization dedicated to the mission to take back our food supply and BEAT Monsanto.

The chief aim of the FSRC is to create a strong alliance by uniting passionate individuals and diverse organizations with the same shared vision. The FSRC serves to provide open opportunities to get involved, share ideas and take an active role in the process to create CHANGE.

Plug In. Get Involved. Be the Change.

Let’s show the world that Atlanta Is SERIOUS about taking back our food supply and BEATING Monsanto!

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