Occupy Atlanta Fights Attempted Eviction at Frazer Home

Today at the home of Christine Frazer, a Dekalb County Marshal entered the property and attempted to find the homeowner, most likely to inform that an eviction would be happening soon afterwords.After being confronted by those of Occupy Atlanta present, the Marshal left the property. Very soon afterwards, Dekalb police began to show up and block off the entrance to the street. At one time seven or eight police cars were visible. Activists of Occupy Atlanta made preparations to defend the home. The media was called twice: Channel 2 (ABC), Channel 5 (Fox), Channel 11 (NBC), and Channel 46 (CBS). They did not send any news crew to the home. Neighbors and activists within Occupy Atlanta were mobilized and began filming the police. The Dekalb police claimed to know nothing of any eviction; they stated they were simply doing a “routine” patrol of the street. One activist stood in the street inside a tent in front of the police. The police gave orders to clear the street to which the occupier complied. The police then arrested him while in the driveway of the Frazer home. This arrest is immoral and illegal.

Occupy Atlanta calls for his immediate release and an apology from the Dekalb Police Department. Occupy Atlanta
also calls upon the Dekalb Sheriff, Marshals, as well as the Dekalb Police Department to immediately  publicly state they will not evict the Frazer family who live at the address 3662 Wellhaun Road, Decatur, Georgia. Occupy Atlanta also calls upon Investors One Corporation and their law firm, Shapiro & Swertfeger to quit their pursuit of evicting
the Frazer family and stealing their home and property.

Banks and corporate entities have been stealing from the 99% for too long. Now we are fighting back. Families are fighting back. The time of wholesale theft of homes by the 1% is over.

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