Occupy Atlanta and Unions Fight Corporate Influence in the Georgia Legislature

Last Tuesday, opponents to SB 469 packed the Insurance and Labor committee hearing. Lawyers explained that the bill was unconstitutional and unenforceable; teachers spoke of the First Amendment and called the bill un-American. None of that mattered, because the committee members weren’t taking their cues from the people of the state of Georgia. They were taking orders from the American Legislative Exchange Council. AT&T, which recently announced layoffs of 740 workers in the Southeast despite record profits last year, is on the board of ALEC, and four committee members are members. An ALEC lobbyist was one of only two people who spoke in favor of the bill…but his voice spoke loudest.

On Saturday, the General Assembly of Occupy Atlanta adopted this simple demand: End corporate influence in politics and government. SB 469 is one example of how corporate interests dominate our state government. AT&T and other ALEC members are using the legislative and legal mechanisms of our state to further their own interests, against the interests of the tax-paying working people of Georgia. Tomorrow, Occupy Atlanta and a coalition of other groups and individuals will rally to put a stop to this example of ALEC legislation and corporate subversion of democracy. 5 pm at the Georgia State Capitol.

End corporate influence in politics and government. Start with SB 469.

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