Mass Strategy Meeting for United Offense – this Wednesday

It’s time for our movements to go on the offensive toward the world we want.

We achieved inspiring unity through the fight against recent attacks on our basic rights by the Georgia Legislature and their corporate sponsors. This unity builds great potential for our movements, but what if we go farther?

What if we use this unity to collectively assert offensive vision, goals, and demands toward a better future? Although we had some amazing victories, we lost ground, too; a purely defensive posture will ensure that we continue to lose ground to regressive policies.

We need our unity to make lasting, large-scale change for all that we fight for. We need each other and all the different ideas, foci, and uniqueness each of us brings. We need to move forward together, across issues, strategies, and communities.

We invite each and every individual to participate in this Mass Strategy Meeting for a United Offense, an open, horizontal forum for everyone to bring proposals, ideas, and current efforts to this meeting to discuss with the larger group and break out groups.

Let us come in a spirit of solidarity, with a focus on going on the offense, because we’re all in this together.

Please extend this invitation to others so that every voice is heard.

This meeting will take place this Wednesday, April 25th, 7pm, Troy Davis (formerly Woodruff) Park, and will include music, food, and solidarity.

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