Help Patrick stay in his home!

Patrick paid 100 months!

Patrick Grove paid the mortgage on his condo for exactly one hundred months.   $1145/month, like clockwork, never missed, never late.   It’s easy therefore to calculate his total payments:  $114,500.

The condo Patrick lives in at 385 Ralph McGill is currently worth around $60,000.   Patrick paid double what his condo is worth.

What is Wells Fargo’s (his lender) position on this?   It’s simple.   Get out!

Patrick lost his job in May of 2011, and was unable to make payments.   June was the first payment he had ever missed.    Wells Fargo?   They foreclosed in January, and served Patrick with eviction (disposessory papers) in February.   Occupy Atlanta members caught up with Patrick at disposessory court.   He’d been given three weeks.   He had no idea he could fight for his house, or even that he could appeal the writ of possession.

Patrick’s not leaving, he paid double the value for the home, it’s his.   When I informed the bank’s lawyer Alridge Connors –a notorious foreclosure mill firm– of this, there was silence.   I asked the lawyer what he was going to do.   His reply “I’ll note in the file that you’re displeased”

Wow, right?

Let’s let Alridge Connors know that we’re more than displeased.   The building Patrick is in has been hit by a plague of foreclosures.   Online listings show 22 foreclosures in the building in the last year.

Call Alridge Connors and tell them, we’re with Patrick and he’s not leaving!

Alridge Connors 404-944-7400
Case #12ED563910

Patrick C. Grove
385 Ralph McGill
Apt. K
Atlanta, GA 30308

You may have to follow the prompts through their voicemail system to reach someone.

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