GA Minutes January 6, 2012


-Senator Fort back in hospital, folks from OA visited him

-There will be daily workshops at the AFSC starting on Monday. Info will be put up on website.

-Anarchist Assembly 119 Wyman St. 5-9 pm on Saturday 119 Wyman St.

-Folks should reach out to Vincent Castellini about developing the proposal regarding media committee


Committee Report Backs:

-Home defense meets every Thursday at 5:30 pm @ Glen Iris

-Next Saturday January 14th rally at Glen Iris

-Tuesday January 10th Press Conference at 11:00 am

-Sara Amis stepped down from Media Committee

-Jonathan mentioned Operation Free Copper

-$7,746 balance in bank, waiting on receipts from Glen Iris

-Some folks abusing MARTA pass budget

-January 9th rally at capitol against the death penalty

-Action committee meeting rescheduled to Tuesday at 8:00 pm at Troy Davis Park or 60 Walton St. if the weather is bad

-Everyday people hosting a bus to Occupy Congress on January 17th, $100.00/seat

-January 20th Occupy the courts

-Morgan is the new bottom liner for Arts and Lit.

-This Sunday January 8th is the wrap up of the Human Rights Art Show



-Proposal to separate Arts and Lit. from media. There was one block which became a stand aside after it was agreed that Arts and Lit would work on Street Art, Killer Coke, Kick out Sodexo campaign if folks came to Arts and Lit that wanted to work on this. Proposal passed.

-Proposal that GA’s last no longer than 2 hours. Amendments include: Anything not finished will be moved to the next GA. Saturday GA’s can last 3 hours at discretion of facilitator. There will be a timekeeper assigned to each GA.

-Proposal regarding diversity of tactics and risk management/informed consent. Tabled.

-Proposal to dissolve demands committee (not submitted to process prior to meeting). Tabled


Other business

-Sunday 5:00 pm. Know Your Rights and Cop Watch Training at the Teardown

-Person from Occupy DC talked about a De-escalation committee that had been effective at conflict resolution in DC. He offered to share PDF docs on this.

-Diana bailed out Copper, if we can support both Copper and Diana throughout this process in order to ensure that Copper can get to all of the follow up appointments/court dates. Help with rides, help with keeping folks accountable, scheduling reminders etc.

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