Dekalb County Sheriff Illegally Evicts Frazer Family From Their Home at 3 AM!!

The scene early this morning at 3662 Wellhaun Road in Decatur resembled that of a major drug bust with officers sneaking around in the middle of the night. Instead of a bust however, officers knockedon the door of 62 year old Christine Frazer’s house at 3 AM to serve her with an eviction notice. Chris’ house was foreclosed onfraudulently by Investors One Corporation in October 2011, and she hasbeen fighting it in federal court ever since. In January,
activists with Occupy Atlanta set up camp on her lawn and committed to stay todefend Chris’ home from eviction.
Using what the sheriff himself referred to as “intelligence” DekalbCounty law enforcement waited until activists were not present at the home, and the neighbors would be asleep to serve an illegal evictionafter hours, putting 4 generations including her 83 year old mother, and 3 year old grandson out on the curb. Authorities instructed them to “act like there was a fire” and to hurry up and get out. They even rounded up her dogsand took them to the pound. To add insult to injury, the police blocked off the street and wouldn’t allow anyone to help secure thefamily’s valuable personal belongings from the side of the road.Once again, it is clear that the government and our law enforcement officials are being used to serve and protect the interest of the 1% and not of ordinary people or even the laws that they have put in
place. Occupy Atlanta is more committed than ever to the fight for Chris Frazer’s home, and the thousands of other homeowners just like her who are being disrespected every day. Sherriff Thomas Brown and the Dekalb County political system showed their true colors today, and made it known where their loyalties lie.  Occupy Atlanta and many others in the community are putting Dekalb officials on blast and letting them know that we will not stand for this type of
shady behavior.

There are a lot of unexpected charges adding up now dealing with the eviction. Chris is scrambling to find a place for her family to stay, a storage unit for all of their belongings, and even has to pay to get the dogs out of the pound. Please donate to help in anyway you can.

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