VIDEO: Tim O’Reilly, ‘Work on stuff that matters’

Michael HollowayOccupy Toronto
18 July 2012
by Michael Holloway


“..a business should create more value than it captures.”

One of the most engaging philosophers of our time, combining a leading edge comprehension of technology and ancient understandings in the humanities - O’Reilly Media and Open Source Convention founder, Tim O’Reilly talks about ‘what’s wrong with this economy’ in keynote at OSCON 2012.

“The Clothesline Paradox and the Sharing Economy”

Watch live streaming video from oreillycode at




O’Reilly Radar, January 11, 2009 “Work on Stuff that Matters: First Principles” by Tim O’Reilly –

Open Source Convention – OSCON 2012


Via, Google+ post by Tim O’Reilly

Search: “Lynn Stout,  The Shareholder Value Myth”



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