Stop Harper! Real Democracy Now!

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Monday, September 17th, 2012
12:45pm, Confederation Park, OTTAWA
1:05pm, march to Parliament Hill

We have had enough of Stephen Harper!

Join us on September 17th, the day Parliament reconvenes after summer recess and the passing of the omnibus budget bill AND the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street!

Occupiers have been walking from British Columbia since May Day to spark dialogue, raise awareness, and develop an alternative vision to the one presented by Harper’s Conservatives. Since May 1st others have joined the mission, walking all the way from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to converge on Parliament Hill on the 17th. Let’s join them to tell the “Harper Government” what we think.

Stephen Harper is illegitimate! He came into power through election fraud and with only 21% of Canadians’ votes, not to mention through an unfair first-past-the-post voting system.

Harper therefore does NOT have a mandate to implement austerity measures, cut corporate taxes, eradicate environmental research and monitoring, continue to exploit Indigenous communities, cut tens of thousands of public sector jobs, attack immigrants, migrant workers, and refugees, approve destructive oil pipelines, cut minority, women’s, and Indigenous programs, buy fighter jets and drones, build mega prisons, and spy on our internet activity.

Mr. Harper, we HAVE been paying attention and we are not going to take it any longer. We demand that you resign immediately.

We also demand a total transformation of our political system. We call it a democracy but it is nothing of the sort. Voting every few years for corporately sponsored parties is not democracy. Relying on elite individuals to make decisions for us is not democracy.

The definition of democracy is rule by the people. This means ordinary people participating in political decision-making on a regular basis, at every level of government. This is what we want: Direct Democracy.

With the power in the hands of the people, we would be making very different decisions.

Let’s begin a mass conversation about what we, the people, want for this country. After the rally on Parliament Hill we will hold a Peoples’ Parliament to discuss our desired direction for “Canada”.

Please join us on September 17th to stop Harper, demand real democracy, and actually create it!

We’ll make history :)

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