#OccupyTo | Occupy Toronto |Tomorrow is only the beginning | 10.15.2011

Saturday October 15,2011 Canada Toronto #OccupyTO 10.15.2011

Today is the start of the 10.15.2011 #OccupyGlobe Movement, Canda, today is only the begining.

Tomorrow is only the beginning…

I start by saying that I speak for no one but myself. We are a community of varied individuals brought together out of our concern for our society, our world, and each other. This movement is a struggle to reclaim democracy and our representative institutions. It will fight to rebalance economic interests for the sake of fairness and justice. It is an effort to hold our governments and the business community to account for wrongs that have been, and continue to be, committed against our collective wellbeing. It is the majority taking our rightful place in our society, as the drivers of the agenda rather than as its victims. We are the majority and we will be heard. The minority can exercise power over the majority only with the majority’s consent or apathy. To quote David Suzuki: “It’s up to all of us to join the conversation to help steer it to a better path than the one we are on. Maybe our one demand should be of ourselves: Care enough to do something.” The occupation process begins tomorrow morning at King and Bay, in front of my old office building, Scotia Plaza. I am a retired Bay Street lawyer. I attended Occupy Toronto’s general assembly yesterday thinking I would not reflect the majority of attendees, fully expecting to be suspected of being a police informant of some kind. Happily, I needn’t have been concerned. The Occupy movement honours the individual as well as collective. The process in place is truly beautiful to behold. People from many walks of life were at the general assembly, and the people who show up tomorrow, hopefully in the thousands, will be even more diverse. Everyone will have the opportunity to contribute and be heard. We will be peaceful, caring and respectful of each other and in regard to our physical surroundings. We will, I expect, greet the police in a manner that reflects that they are part of the majority just as we are. I hope the atmosphere will be celebratory and productive. I want to assure my fellow citizens that this is a broad and inclusive movement. For the first time in my life, I will take to the streets to support what I believe to be the most important movement our democracy has seen in my lifetime. I have faith in the movement and its methodologies. If you feel squeezed by how our economy, business and government function, and if you believe that these institutions are not acting in your best interest, then please take the time out to join us at Occupy Toronto. I fully expect that you will enjoy the experience and feel differently about your ability to affect change. In the Occupy movement, no one speaks on the movement’s behalf. As a facilitator said at the last general assembly, we would not expect other people to believe they have the right to speak for us, so we should not speak for them. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in this blog, and I will always speak for myself alone.

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