Occupy Toronto – Activist Training Weekend!

On the weekend of April 20-22nd, we invite you to participate in an Activist Training Weekend.

This is the last chance to attend a group event and participate in some workshops before the major mobilization in May!

The Activist Assembly back in January was (more then anything) a recruitment oriented weekend, bringing in 300ish folks from the periphery, giving them a basic rundown of “occupy issues” and a really basic training, and then encouraging them to get involved in committee work.

THIS weekend is a more serious attempt at training the core people who are actively involved in Occupy Toronto right now. Hopefully, when we have our resurgence in the spring, we will have a group of core people who can then share those skills as far and wide as possible!

Each workshop presented at this conference will be geared towards providing some kind of practical training: Direct Action Training, Media Training, Marshal Training, Medic Training, Anti-Oppression Training, etc…

In other words, each workshop will be about teaching attendees some skills that are important in activist work.

Some workshops will be geared to a small group, while others will be geared towards a larger group. Some workshops will only take a couple of hours, while others will take the entire day. Either way, we hope most people will be able to attend the entire weekend.

We will attempt to have a schedule of all the workshops posted as soon as possible. Further details about the conference will be released then!

Lunch and dinner will be provided on Saturday as well as lunch on Sunday!

***The event will be free but we will be accepting donations to help cover the cost of the event and to put toward future Occupy TO events!

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