No country for old men? – ‘New Form’ GA to meet Monday’s

Monday 26 March 2012
by Michael Holloway


Tonight the Occupy Toronto General Assembly had an important session.

A ‘Safety’ theme seems to have galvanized a rather large group with-in OccupyToronto – and they proposed a new set of norms for Occupy Toronto General Assembly meetings with an accent on respect for the oppressed and maginalized with in the general culture of OccupyToronto – who when hands were counted – ALL – felt that at one time of another they had felt oppressed or marginalized. But this group feels that way, even amongst our numbers.

I was there to listen. I didn’t say a word. I ‘twinkle fingers’ many times – for speakers on both and any side of the discussion when they made points I thought were good ones.

At a straw poll at the end of the meeting I voted FOR this different form of GA. I didn’t think I was going to do that before I got to the meeting, I changed my mind during the coarse of the meeting.

I had no hard belief either way. I was worried that this might be the beginnings of a split in OccupyToronto. I couldn’t let myself not attend this meeting and not be a part of this. If it looked like OccupyToronto was going to split on an issue of process, I would have made a plea for unity.

But I was really heartened. I think this new form of GA is an experiment, and at least 2 speakers (that I thought we neutral), used that word.

In any case 2 GA’s in Toronto isn’t the end of the world – the idea is after all, to have GA’s meeting in every neighbourhood in every country in the world by the time we win.


I will attend the ‘new form GA’ and the ‘old form’ GA’s – and I encourage everyone interested in a better Occupy to do the same.

Still an OccupyToronto GA – the ‘New Form’ GA will be held on Monday’s.
(see the OTO Calender for place and time).


Monday 26 March 2012 #OTO GA minutes – by Sakura Saunders – posted at my WordPress blog:




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