Economics for the 99% Booklet

By Center for Popular Economics
CPE supports and stands with the Occupy movement. We have produced this resource which we hope will be useful for activists who are fighting for an economy for the 99% – one that is just and sustainable.
This booklet is intended for distribution to activists in the Occupy movement. It is designed to serve as a resource for anyone working in any of hundreds of ways in that movement: organizing, writing, teaching, discussing with neighbors, protesting to build a more just and sustainable economic system.

This 15-part booklet presents a coherent analysis that is developed step by step for the reader. It starts by addressing major economic problems — by no means the complete list! — and looking at their dimensions and their roots in the economic system. It then introduces some economic alternatives — visions of a different kind of economy. The booklet includes a timeline of the period since 1900 and an accompanying narrative.

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