Corporate Citizenship in the age of Occupy

at Ryerson U was an adventure. Being 1 of 3 Occupiers plus 1 Occupy Vancouver guy in the audience was daunting. The academics did their research primarily on secondary sources see corporate media. Having been a person living in St. James Park Oct.- Nov. was able to clarify & ask challenging questions. The students have a career OR few ahead of them & made attempts to professionally communicate their positions. I was fair in my analysis & found my self getting the Q & A rolling on several occations. Aparently they, like the Media did not know we were trying to oppose Corporate Greed or growing inequality. I gave the keynote speaker a piece of my mind on the notion of “corporate social responsibility” being “green washing” Some amusing answers were; capitalism was the lesser evil & if you compare the poor in Canada to the rest of the World we are not so bad (but in my opinion still the poor in a Canadian context.) Here’s the poster & weblinks. I’ll give them points for discussing contemporary issues. Plus I enjoyed the food & cocktails…(smile)

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