DAY 234

The internet is truly powering our revolution and online video are arguably the most effective method for spreading information. And so, today’s digest is dedicated to some excellent videos – some old, some new.

Owned & Operated

Source: Youtube

Owned & Operated is a full length feature created entirely using content that already exists on the internet. It attempts to draw together a bigger picture: a free humanity. Features sections on Occupy, Anonymous, Zeitgeist/Venus Project and Open Source Ecology. It also has some excellent music!

Human Sound System – Anonymous

Source: Youtube

Listen to this excellent tune from Belgian Jazz/Funk outfit Human Sound System and you’ll be singing “We are Anonymous! We are legion! We don’t forget! We are Anonymous! We are legion! Expect Us!” in no time. We already consider this an anthem and it’s surely only a matter of time before this goes viral.

Chris Hedges livestream from OWS

Source: Youtube

Chris Hedges is a former journalist and war correspondent who completely tells it like it is, in a livestream very early on during Occupy Wall Street. If you want the truth, told the way it should be told, check this out.

Occupy – Still Free (Take A Chance On Occupy)

Source: Youtube

This music video appeared during the premiere of and is the perfect video to get the Occupy blood pumping. Very inspirational.

Occupy Wall Street: The Revolution is Love

Source: Youtube

From velcrowripper and Ian MacKenzie featuring Charles Eisenstein, who really hit home the idea of the revolution being one of love and peace. Also, check out the follow up video, Sacred Economics.

Occupy Bat Signal

Source: Youtube

One of the most famous actions to come out of the Occupy movement, with a giant 99% “bat signal” projected onto a building during a march across the Brooklyn Bridge.

No Occupy Melbourne videos?

Yep. Because we’re developing an Occupy Melbourne video timeline on our Wiki. Check it out and if you have the means, help contribute to it!


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