United Nations Visits #OccupyGlobe.org | Does The 1% Have Anything To Worry About? | 10/05/11

Thursday October 6,2011
New York
United Nations

An anonymous guest from the United Nations, visited #OccupyGlobe.org tonight. Is there really anything that the 1% need to worry about, as the Global Occupation, is in full gear?

Given that Ben Bernanke, hinted that the time is near for the USA economy to fail. The great depression is near, [we are near 1933, if history has any say]. This is really a desperate act of musical chairs, that the Banksters are playing. Given the outstanding bank generated Derivatives are several hundred trillions, no amount of Austerity will bail out the Banksters.

As Mr Bernanke stated in his address to the Joint Economic Committee, Tuesday October 4,2011 “….the nation faces difficult and fundamental fiscal choices, which cannot be safely or responsibly postponed….”

The 99% are being Awakened, as the 1% will be Suppressed.


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