What Happened to Occupy Wall Street Movement?

If you are the one who are curious about what happened to Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States, you can be in peace as this movement which firstly began in the Zuccotti Park doesn’t actually disappear. Instead, it has been regrouped and splintered around the several focuses.

The Beginning
It started from the campaign done by Hillary Clinton where she pointed out the income inequality in the United States. She began comparing the salaries of the kindergarten teachers and the hedge fund managers.

Fortunately, Hillary was not alone at all. The presidential challenger from Democratic party, Bernie Sanders, has also spending his time to fight against the Wall Street’s excesses greed while also focused on the transaction tax of several big banks. The Republican party was also claiming that the inequality on the income was real. Marco Rubio has also done an action to reverse the income inequality by weighing the tax credit on the subsidy for those who had the low-waged incomes.

Still Active
However, it has been for about four years since the Occupy Wall Street’s precipitous rise, people thought that this social movement had lost from the public. This is not true as the activists claim that they have regrown for several issues. It can’t be denied that the income inequality has become the main problem in the United States. This problem has been the main focus of all candidates of president in 2016. From the point of view of Occupy Wall Street, this issue is only one of problems that has been in their movements.

Zuccotti Park

In recent update, the chief accomplishment of Occupy Wall Street has been changing the national talk by providing Americans with new language, that is known as the 99 percent and the 1 percent. This talk has become one of the strategies to frame the crisis on the income inequality as well as the money corruption taking place in the politics.

The movement has taken its serous act when they start occupying the Zuccotti Park in September 2011 to ignite the global and national movement to connect the links between the political and corporate power. Although lots of people at https://speedbet77.com gave the supports on this movement, there has not been a concrete result on the movement done by the government.

Despite its failure in September 2011, the movement is still active in the community. To know more about what happened to Occupy Wall Street, you can keep on your eyes on the news update.

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