OWS, was It a Success?

Taking “Arab Spring” as an example doesn’t mean that Occupying Wall Street movement can be an instant success and make their aspirations heard by the lawmakers. OWS is still continued until now, can be a big question that OWS, was it a success or actually they fail so they need to do it annually?

• Don’t Have a Clear Aim
The difference between “Arab Spring” and OWS is in their aim. It was said that “Arab Spring” surely knew what kind of change that they want to happen, so that the indicator of the success of this movement becomes clear when the target is reached.

However, Occupy Wall Street movement has too general aim which is to erase the economy and social inequality worldwide, especially in the US. Well, this aim is really good and is many people’s voice, indeed but they aren’t specific which law that the government should fix. So, the indicator if its success becomes a blur.

In its development, OWS also experienced the change of goals. Many people join this movement, not because they want the government remakes or make the certain law that will be beneficial for many people, but they just want to express their disappointment to the government. This act, of course, can be controversial, since other people may interpret it in the wrong way. This is also why in some OWS acts; the police were ordered to dismiss the participants because the police thought that what they do was wrong.

Act as the Majority

• Act as the Majority
The OWS’ slogan is “We are the 99%” which means that they are the majority of the US citizens who feel unequally treated by the one per cent, the rich and powerful people. Well, this slogan seems good in order to attack the one per cent side by the number of people. However, it is not effective when they realize that many https://citibola88.net people don’t agree with them. They didn’t get the backup of numbers of people and they just fall apart.

The other demonstration may act like the minority. They may be out of number, but when they are treated as the minority for real, their spirit will be burned to show the treatment that they get from the majority; to blame the majority about what they have done to the minority.

OWS, was it a success? Well, nobody knows it for sure. The result is still debatable. However, the most important thing from this movement is that we can see how lots of people still fight for equal rights, in this case, is between the rich and the poor one.

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