Great Challenges for Occupy Wall Street’s Activists

The economic crisis which happened since 2008 in Wall Street has been able to expose the ruin of the finance capital. It has also made people questioning the banks’ legitimacy as well as Wall Street. The anger of public against Wall Street has been situated clearly since 1970s which led to the appearance of a neoliberal economy. One movement which has taken part in this process is the Occupy. However, great challenges for Occupy Wall Street have also appeared.

The Movement of Occupy
Since the first movement of the Occupy, it has been able to create a radically contrasting political culture among all movements in the United States. The movement done by the Occupy allow the activists to engage in the collectively run participatory and democratic space. One vivid example can be seen from the occupied spaces all over the country where the in house kitchens have fed lots of people each day. The design groups dedicate their skills to give supports to the projects and actions for this movement. The sanitation and comfort committees address the issues of safety and health.

These actions have been able to show that young people also care about the political change. They have become the first line of the movement to help creating the direct structures of democracy and also to change the country’s direction. This political movement has been able to show the incapability of the government institutions to offer such comfort for their citizens and also it has been able to awaken the young people to demand the equitable society.

Challenges for the Occupy

Challenges for the Occupy
The physical occupations of Zuccotti Park are very important symbolically for this movement to be able to remind its goal and also what it can actually do. This public movement may not be able to grow to its extend without the role of the occupied space. However, the thought of the decrease of the occupied spaces may become the setbacks for this movement. The absence of the rallying movement seems to make it die.

Nonetheless, the Occupy movement is not over yet. This movement is now focusing on the diffusion of the General Assemblies, ongoing protests on certain issues, and also several spirited local discussions. There have been some protests happening later on. One example is the protests done by the university students in November where they challenged the tuition hikes.

The great challenges for Occupy Wall Street have now on the strategic planning to shape the demands and also the concrete visions.

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