January 28th Day Of Action To Occupy Empty Buildings

At 1pm on January 28th, people working in solidarity with the Occupy movement will participate in a
day of action that includes a march and the opening of a predetermined abandoned building for a dance
party and food-share. This event will coincide with a similar event in Oakland, and other solidarity actions around the country. The march will begin at Stevens Square Park in Minneapolis.

In an environment in which property is cut up and manipulated by those with money and power, we are
forced to recognize that our homes are not ours and our community centers are not either.

People are struggling. People are being thrown out of their homes, they cannot pay the rent, and are
forced to compete with, rather than provide for, their neighbors. People are gasping for air under this
stifling system driven by the profit motive and the militant defense of property over people.

Given the circumstances, it is necessary to empower individuals and communities to break down the
physical and social borders which are responsible for the current paradigm. By assembling and standing
in solidarity with one another, this community will occupy an unused and decaying building for just this
day to demonstrate that people have the power to reclaim and liberate spaces.

The idea of reclaiming and liberating space has taken root. It is happening in the community gardens of
Detroit, the bottom up rebuilding projects of post-Katrina New Orleans, the recent public square occupations around the world, and by people finding shelter and community in vacant structures every-
where. As in all of these places, the power exists within the people of Minneapolis to create positive and
joyous action out of abandonment and dis-empowerment.

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