Scream And Shout To Change The World

The time when leaders led and people obeyed without any choice is over a long time ago, and we should act like it is over. Instead of that people tend to bow down their heads and allow their leaders to do anything they want. We do hold power, and people can affect those in power. The proof of this was 2011 when people took to the streets and “occupied” more than one thousand cities in over eighty countries. That type of behavior is necessary as it is the only way people can show their leaders that they aren’t satisfied with their work.

The world is yours to change

The idea that people should just let the leaders lead without any question is something that many people approve because they aren’t willing to fight for what they deserve. 2011 was a year that should have shown everyone that people do hold power because they represent 99% of people that live in this world. Allowing the 1% to rule without any question makes it impossible for those that belong to 99% to affect decisions.

2011 was a year when people decided to go out to the streets and show that they aren’t satisfied with things that their leaders do. Videos you will find in this article are all about celebrating individuals that had the common sense to respond to a call to “occupy” streets and remind their politicians that people are watching what they do. And, if you take the time to watch those videos, you will see that nothing changed when it comes to issues that plague our world. The only thing that is different is that people are less inclined to go out and protest against the lack of enthusiasm politicians are showing toward serious issues that plague our society.

It’s time to wake up

The time to take to the streets in numbers that match those in videos is long-time due. World leaders are visiting various summits that should find solutions for many ongoing issues like a financial system that focuses on debt and climate change. These are just two examples of problems that exist for a long time, and our leaders are still failing to address them in a severe way.

The financial state of our world is still as dire as it was back in 2011. Same applies to climate change issues as well as important countries fail to vote for laws and come to agreements that could affect the way corporate business approaches those problems. Nothing will change if we don’t go out and tell our politicians that they have to try harder and do their job correctly.

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