48h Global Virtual Assembly – Change the world

It’s safe to say that leaders of the global superpowers have no clue how to change the world. They attend various meetings that produce inferior results that lead to nothing. This has to change if we want to live in a better world and to leave a better place for future generations. Leaders of our society don’t seem even to try to find solutions that would improve the world which is why it’s up to us to see answers and make politicians aware of the same.

What is this assembly?

Now, it’s possible for some people to think about Global Virtual Assembly as an event as something that is against world leaders and their meetings. Some people view these assemblies as nothing but the need to stand against those that lead us, whether they are doing something right or not. The reality, however, is different as these assemblies are more than just meetings of various people from all around the world. These virtual assemblies gather people that fight for causes rather than fight against those that can accomplish them.

 48h Global Virtual Assembly was an excellent example of what needs to happen when world leaders achieve nothing during their summits. European summit of that year was disappointing which media overlooked, and people didn’t like that. The lack of concern for financial issues of the world and all of its markets are still present, and world leaders are still reluctant to face those problems. People still need to gather to push people in power to do something concerning the state of the finances of leading countries.

What do you need to know about upcoming assemblies?

Global virtual assemblies don’t happen every year as many bad political decisions occur throughout the year. It’s essential to gather large masses of people and point out problems that leaders of superpowers ignore on their summits and other meetings. You don’t have to travel to another city to show your discomfort and share an idea or two about the underlying issue and the possible solutions for the same.

These assemblies represent think-tanks where anyone can throw an idea into the crowd and have it dissect them. The online gatherings aren’t there to spread hate as that doesn’t lead to anything. They are there to show the dissatisfaction of the common folk and allow those people to try and provide solutions for issues they can’t affect.

So, if you have some ideas on how to affect the dire state of the financial sector in the world then you a free to join the movement and share those ideas with other people, and, you have to realize that the majority of solutions you have won’t work. However, it’s important to share them and get the opinion of other people that want the same thing you do. The other thing you must remember is that showing your dissatisfaction won’t mean anything if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of people that share the same discontent.

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