Why Occupy Wall Street Exists

Why Occupy Wall Street Exists – Occupy Wall Street is a movement to protest about different things. The movement started small with only 200 people joined at that time. The movement grows bigger and more than 1500 cities around the world joined this movement. The movement began in 2011 and it still exists up to this day. But why this movement exists? Here are the reasons.

– The Beginning of the Movement
Let’s look back in 2011 when the root of this movement began. The founder of Adbusters, Kalle Lasn, and the editor, Micah White, initiated the movement. Both of them and the rest of the team created a poster and wrote the background of the protest. The editor made a Twitter account @OccupyWallStNYC and started to spread #OCCUPYWALLSTREET and it becomes as viral as those online games in IDN Poker. The movement attracted around 200 people who gather together at Tompkins Square Park in New York City on September 17, 2011.

However, in 2012, the group attempted to celebrate the 6-month anniversary by taking over Zuccotti Park once again. But, the police took over the movement and arrested 70 of the members. The arrest was one of the most brutal actions done by the police and it was marked as the collapse of the protest. In the upcoming years, surprisingly, more and more movement was initiated around the world.

– Demands
This movement becomes big, and some are questioning the demands of the protesters. The main demands are social and economic equality for all people. They demand that everyone has the same chance to voice their ideas in public, have the right to own property, and have the same access to social services and social goods. In terms of economy, they also demand the fair income distribution and distribution of wealth.

They demand these two points because the gap between the rich and the poor in the US is wider. They claim that they are the 99%, the poor, while the rich are only 1%. Their claim was confirmed by CBO or Congressional Budget Office in 2011. Others also studied the protesters’ demands, and it was found that the inequality in the US had increased over the past 40 years and they understood why such movement rose.
Occupy Wall Street demands one thing for sure, which is to create equality between the rich and the poor. They want the government to provide more job opportunities and reduce the economic gap. Through this movement, let’s hope that great changes come to the country.

Controversial Issues During Occupy Wall Street Movement

Controversial Issues During Occupy Wall Street Movement – Occupy Wall Street is a protest movement initiated by Kalle Lasn and Micah White in 2011. The movement has had its ups and downs, but it still exists up to this day. The protesters demand equal social and economical in the US and nowadays, more than 1500 countries have continued this movement. Although they want better things for the US, they also created some controversial issues during the protests. Here are the notable issues from this movement.
– Wrong Representation
The infamous slogan of this movement is “We are the 99%,” which means that the protesters belong to the 99% of the lower class and minorities. They stated that they represented them to voice their demands. However, some believe that it is a wrong claim because most of the protesters are white, and not many are from immigrant representation, African Americans, and others.

They claim that this movement lack of diversity so that it fails to claim the 99%, the minorities. But, others also claim that this movement has “a very progressive representative” that will likely catch more attention to achieve the goals. Like the online gambling site, https://kongbet.com it caught the attention and made the statement pretty successfully.

– No Clear Goal
The next issue related to the goal of the movement. Some argue that this movement doesn’t really have a clear goal; that’s why they didn’t achieve any legislative changes. They believe that the movement is only conducted to express their anger or disappointment to Wall Street in general. To achieve the goals, the movement should have one or set of goals so that it can be more concentrated. But, some also believe that their demands are quite clean and they can be the advantages of such movement.

Controversial Issues During Occupy Wall Street Movement– No Significant Changes
The movement caught more attention in the past years, but some also mentioned that this movement doesn’t bring any institutional changes, both in Corporate America and banks. They mention that the regulation won’t be made for the short term, and it will be bad for the economy in the long run. Even if the demands of the protesters are granted, it will only create a worse financial crisis in the US. In short, a movement like this will only bring drawbacks in the future time; that’s why this movement doesn’t really reach their goal.

Although the movement received different reactions, but the protesters still continue it up to this day. Their demands are quite clear, which are to create social and economic equality for the people in the US.

The Problems of Inequality in the USA

The Problems of Inequality in the USA – The United States of America or the USA is a country that consists of many states, ethnicities, ages, and groups. Since it has a very high diversity level, there will be a lot of problems that are correlated to the degree of inequality. The problems may come from poverty, education, household, health, and others. Each problem doesn’t stand individually. It is correlated with each other and form complex national problems.

The inequality of the USA can be seen in the Gini coefficient. The USA gets 45 of this Gini coefficient. Meanwhile, the UK only gets 34. It means that the inequality in the USA is bigger than in the UK. One of the biggest problems is the inequality in wealth and income levels. The USA uses liberal systems as its economic systems. The result of this system can make a big difference between rich people and poor people. The rich people have more access to expand their economic level and get more profit. On the other hand, poor people without enough capital can only get the minimum income. This condition can lead to the high inequality of the nation. In addition, it also can affect the difference in education level in the USA. The rich people will get easy access to continue their studies at a prestigious university. However, poor people may need to pass a lot of trouble in order to get a scholarship and continue their studies. Another problem is the difference between rural and urban areas. In 2010, there was a rapid movement of the people to move from rural areas to urban areas. It can be seen in the population of the urban area that is higher than in 2000. On the contrary, the population of the rural area in 2010 is lower than its population in 2000. This movement has some advantages and disadvantages. It will increase the economic growth in the urban area and real estate price. However, it also can cause some problems related to the house and transportations. The increasing population will lead to an increase in vehicle demand. As a result, there will be more traffic jams and population.

The Problems of InequalityThe inequality also can be correlated to ethnicity in the USA. The big group of ethnicities in the USA consists of native America, White People, Black People, Asians, and Hispanics. The unfair regulation can lead to the inequality of the ethnicities that will affect their life. Therefore, a wise and fair regulation is needed to create a fair social-economic condition of the nation.

The Problems of the Social Economy in the United States of America

The Problems of the Social Economy in the United States of America – The United States of America is one of the biggest countries in the world. Since it’s a big country, it also has several problems related to the social-economic condition. The problems of the social condition are correlated with education, health, housing, and crime. On the other hand, the problems of the economy are correlated with poverty, income levels, and employment. However, talking about social conditions cannot be separated from economic conditions. Each of them is related to each other. Therefore, the understanding of social economic problems is needed.

One of the biggest problems that cause other social economic problems is the poverty level. The Gini coefficient of the USA is 45. It is indicated that there is a big difference between rich and poor people. This difference may be caused by their economic systems. The liberal system can provide more privilege to the rich people since they have more capital. However, poor people are restricted since they don’t have the capital for gaining profit. This makes a big gap between rich and poor people in the term of wealth. This condition will also make the gap in other life’s aspect such as education, health, and income. The unemployment level also can affect the social economic condition in the USA. Well, ethnicity is also correlated to the inequality of the unemployment rates. In 2016, the unemployment rates are 4.6% for White people, 6.1% for Hispanic, 9.0% for Black people, and 3.8% for Asian people. Meanwhile, the employment rates are about 60.1% for White people, 61.2% for Hispanics, 54.8% for Black people, and 60.5% for the Asian people. On the other hand, employment also can lead to the rate of the household. The data shows that median household income by ethnic groups is proportional to the data of unemployment rates. The Asian with the lowest unemployment rate achieve the highest median household income that is followed by White and Hispanic people. Meanwhile, the Black people with the highest unemployment rates get the lowest median household income.

The Problems of the Social Economy in the United States of America

The inequality of educational attainment also can be correlated with the diversity of ethnicity. The data statistic on https://agenbola108.cc show that White American and Asian people surpass the graduation rate of the Hispanic, African American, and Native Americans. This condition is caused by several factors such as income level, the suitably qualified teachers, shortage of resources, and the chance for continuing study.

The Social Economy Condition of the United States of America

The Social Economy Condition of the United States of America – United States of America (USA) is one of the greatest countries in the world. Like other countries, the USA also has its own social economy condition that will be different from other countries. The USA also has some problems regarding their social-economic condition. The first one is the economic system in the USA. This country applies the liberal system as its economic system. The liberal systems will allow rich people who have more capital than poor people to gain some privilege. It can help them to gain more and more capital in the process. On the other hand, poor people have some restrictions. They don’t have a lot of capital so that they can only be an employee that needs to obey all of the company’s rule. This condition will lead to the big difference between the rich and the poor people. This difference can be seen by using the Gini coefficient. This coefficient will show the inequality income of the poor and rich in a country. The range of coefficient will start from 0 – 100. The 0 shows complete equality. Meanwhile, the 100 shows complete inequality. According to the United Nations (UN), the Gini coefficient of the USA is 45 and it still can increase the future. It shows that the USA still faces the extreme inequality of its citizens.

The second one is the unemployment level. Even though the USA is one of the wealthiest countries, it still has some problems regarding employment. Well, the unemployment level can be related to the education background level and ethnicity. The people with a doctorate background or professional level can get the highest income rate in the nation. Meanwhile, people with a bachelor’s degree can get the median income level. The people who graduated from high school and attend the college but not graduated from there can get almost median income levels. Meanwhile, the people who don’t go to school or graduate from high school get the lowest income level.

The Social Economy Condition of the United States of America

The ethnicity of the USA can be also correlated with the inequality of unemployment level, education, and poverty. The data on unemployment level in 2016 shows the different values of each ethnic that are 4.6% for White people, 6.1% of Hispanics, 9.0% of Black people, and 3.8% of Asians. The different education levels also can be correlated to ethnicity. The high school graduation rates in 2013 show that 83% of White people, 71.4% of Hispanics, 66.1% of Black people, 93.5% of Asians, and 69.1% of Native Americans.