GA Notes 5/23/12

Notes from Occupy St Louis GA, May 23, 2012

Quorum counted, 17.

Announcements: Members of the North City community have asked that the previously discussed actions be temporarily postponed, regarding fighting the closing of community centers in North City, until all information is discussed and discovered, namely which centers if any are closing.

Wildcat Strike with AT & T workers over 100 days without a contract who will walk out at noon tomorrow, hotdogs and camaraderie. The members have specifically asked for us to bring our “Occupy” and “99%” signs.Pasted from event page: Thursday 12:00pm until 1:00pm 2651 Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63103 Come stand in solidarity with CWA workers working for AT&T without a contract. They will walk off the job from 12 noon to 1 PM on Thursday May 24. We are the 99%, let usshow our solidarity with the workers working without contracts and rally against Corprate greed.

Proposals: 1. Occupy St Louis declares Solidarity with victims of state repression including the “cleveland 3″, abuses and trumped up charges during NATO in Chicago, and against all victims who suffer at the hands of state sponsored repression. Solidarity with an already planned march for 9;30 pm tomorrow, May 24, beginning at Keiner Plaza, against state sponsored repression. March with (quote of proposer) “an attempt at completely avoiding confrontation with police”.

Consensus, solidarity.


2. Reminder of continued solidarity in defense of Annie Quain against US BANK and it’s predatory foreclousure of her home, including weekly protest at 9 AM in front of the US BANK at 10 N Hanley (at Forsythe) .

Consensus, solidarity.


3. That “since there is no access to the .org site” a new website be launched with two weeks notice starting immediately so that all current, past, admins have an ample chance to weigh in and be present to be involved in fixing/relaunching.

Consensus, solidarity.

GA Notes 5-2-2012

Quorum: 15

Announcements: Northside Garden Club meeting at Redbird & Carter, 12 noon.  Zee
throwing BBB.

Citizens Climate Lobby Meeting at EcoVillage at 1130am.  Saturday May, 5,

Occupy 27  are going to trial at 11 am Courtroom 2  May 7, 2012  at 15 20
Market.  Bring people!

Proposals: Write a news release RE: OCCSTL May Day Activities.

Anna: Proposal  Affects: All  Responsible: All

OCCSTL was involved with a  non violent direct action with more than 200
people on May 1 at the Peabody Shareholders meeting.  OCCSTL is dedicated
to the principle of Non Violent Direct Action and Civil Disobedience.  The
press seems to have overlooked our local action in favor of the portrayal
of violent actions elsewhere.  OCCSTL wants the community to know the we
are dedicated to NVDA and believe it sets a dangerous precedent when some
members of the media insists on covering only acts of violence.

Passed with Soldidarity!

Encouraged to bring People next week!

Notes for GA 5/9/12 Eco Village

Facilitator: Carrie

Stack: Anna G.

Notes: Arianna

Announcements: Occupy Washington U is protesting the conferring an Honorary
Degree to Dick __________. Former Monsanto CEO May 18, 2012  time?  NO
DISRUPTION! Buttons worn at the Open Commencment on that day.

North STL Garden Group is ongoing Saturdays at noon.  Occupation spreading
throughout the community.  5 plots leased and to be worked.

Bears on the Beat has been moved new date, please see page for details.

Teach ins and film screenings during the summer in NSTL

Occupy the Issues/Solutions and Implementation–Tom Bradford  Hunger
Strike–blog on Culver Way Eco Village website.

Occupy is invited to a conversation at Eco Village from 2-4 pm on Sunday
May 20, 2012

*Proposals:*  Endorse and be in Solidarity with  the USPS food drive May 12

Endorse the Women in the Streets in Chicago May 20  Passed!

Endorse the We declare Solidarity with the  movement against
global injustices perpetrated by NATO in Chicago (not limited to)

OSTL organize an event RE on Russel and Grand for a  demonstration against
the police.

June 15, 2012.  Responsible: Paul P.  Affects: All  Solidarity!

OSTL Occupy MidSummer on June 20, 2012    against austerity and cuts and
making the counter demand for a living wage.  Responsible: Paul P.  Affects:
All  Solidarity!

Paul will ask Oren about Admins for website password/access so that notes
can be posted and announcements need to be kept up to date and current.

Proposal: Temporarily until the website gets fixed, the notes for
GA are posted on the Facebook page as submitted by notetaker and posted by
administrator.  Consensus minus 1. Solidarity!

Actionable Proposal:   Occupy be ready to take Jefferson City with allies
at a moments notice because of the immediacy.  Responsible: Arianna   Who’s
affected MO.  Rally, protest and legislative lobbying with use OSTL alert
system if necessary.    Use text alert in time for OSTL to take action and
publicize the event. STATEMENT:  With expectations of pending legislation
against the women of MO, OSTL opposes any and all such legislation that
would limit women’s access to reproductive and health care.  Passed with

Vibe Checks: Randy- Protest Against Nuclear Power Plant, Ameren UE,
Columbia, MO ask for volunteers to help concretize the protest within the
next month.  Paul P. Will help with sub. So bring in info on this if
interested.  Working group formation.  Tabled for future action and future

Meeting of  minds/concern circle in future Chris Singer/Desiree Hutton

Putting up another website in future if necessary.

Potential Action around Wachovia as prompted by OWS.    !

Announcement: PO Box expired.  Scott needs to ask Keith about volume of
mail. 30$ donated by Janet for PO Box renewal and given to Scott so he can
do that ASAP.

Announcement:  A non Occupy group is having a GA for actions in general.  At
Keiner Plaza from 3-4pm and then march to another location.  Put in Link to
fb page for event.

Occupy Minneapolis Proposes Hosting Occupy The Midwest Regional Conference

After a successful regional conference in St. Louis, MO., Occupy Minneapolis is joining other cities by proposing that Minneapolis hosts the next conference. This proposal is being brought to tonight’s General Assembly for consideration:


Proposal for Occupy Minneapolis to Host Next Occupy the Midwest Regional Conference in August 2012

After the success of the Occupy the Midwest Regional Conference held March 15 – 18 in St. Louis Missouri, additional conferences are being planned by those interested.  This is a proposal to add Minneapolis into nomination for the next city to hold the August 2012 (exact date to be determined) Occupy the Midwest Regional Conference in Minneapolis, hosted by Occupy Minneapolis.


Minneapolis is a centrally-located city in the Midwest that includes several appropriate targets for marches and peaceful direct actions (The Federal Reserve, US Bank and TCF Bank headquarters, among others), we have a walkable and convenient downtown location, and a reasonably sympathetic local population.  Additionally, Minneapolis includes several large public parks and meeting areas to host events and teach-ins.  A workgroup will be formed to organize this conference.

Occupy Minneapolis Proposal