Defend DACA as the deadline looms!

Resist Deportations! Save DACA and TPS as the deadline looms!

Permanent residence for all undocumented migrants!

Friday, Jan. 19, 5:00 – 7PM
Park Street T stop, Boston MA

The government in Washington has stepped up attacks on migrants to levels not seen in years. Trump’s attacks on Muslim migrants were only the beginning. Deportations are accelerating. Over 1 million migrants covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) and the Temporary Protective Status program (TPS) now face deportation. Prospects for a bipartisan agreement to protect these folks and prevent a government shutdown on Friday have faded.

Washington is leading a generalized assault on our lives, rights, and living conditions. From attacks on healthcare, women, and LGBT folks, to attacks on our environment and education, to perpetual wars, working people are under fire. The leading edge of this assault is the criminalization and attacks on Migrants. Millions of youth and decent hard working people are under attack! The powers in Washington have no solutions that benefit us as working people. Our only choice is to build a fighting movement. Enough is enough! An injury to one is an injury to all! Join us on Friday. Demand an end to the deportations. Jobs, healthcare, education, and human rights for all!.

MONDAY: MLK March for Justice, Reception & Listening Session

MLK DAY March for Justice
Monday 1/15 1pm
Grove Hall, Dorchester, MA 02121

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  MLK March for Justice Flyer.  Mon Jan 15th

Reception & Listening Session:
Speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Monday 1/15 2:30pm
Dudley Cafe
15 Warren Street
Roxbury, MA 02119

Reception and Listening Session.  Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Jan 15th 2:30pm Dudley Cafe

Join Mass Action Against Police Brutality

You can help build community awareness with our grassroots campaign:

  • forward this email to like-minds, re-post this in your travels
  • join our street outreach team as a volunteer for 1-2 hours
  • donate to print materials for our newsletters
  • come to our community events (& bring a friend) to listen & speak your mind!
  • pack the courthouse to show strong support for a victim of police brutality
  • volunteer to share your special skills or develop your interests for an important cause

Mass Action Against Police Brutality
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram MAAPB617

FreeSiham Protest Against Child Deportations

(from facebook)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST
US Immigration Courts at JFK Federal Building

Every Tuesday at the immigration court in the JFK Federal Building, in the heart of Boston, children without legal representation are brought before a judge and then deported, often times to situations that are extremely dangerous.

In January, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh declared that Boston would be a sanctuary for immigrants. He even offered his office as a literal sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation. Yet every Tuesday since making that promise, dozens of children have been deported within sight of Mayor Walsh’s office. Often they are arrested and detained with the full support and collaboration of city officials and law enforcement.

Join us on Tuesday, January 9th to stand in solidarity with the children who will be in court on that day, pleading for the chance to remain safely in the U.S. We also have two demands:

  1. That the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families release a public statement against Siham Byah’s deportation, and that they end any collaboration with the ICE attacks that are devastating Massachusetts families.
  2. That Siham Byah be returned to the United States immediately and given the opportunity to present her case for asylum in the United States. Siham was notified of her pending asylum case and then deported by ICE, in violation of the law, before her case could be heard.

This event is being hosted and organized by a coalition of activists and organizations in the Boston area that seeks to mobilize large numbers of people against ICE’s attacks on our undocumented friends, family, and neighbors. If your organization would like to co-sponsor this event, or join our efforts, please reach out.

First Night Against The Wars

Join us at our “12th Annual”, First Night Against the Wars

Hosted by the Boston May Day Coalition, Veterans for Peace – Smedley Butler Brigade, Food for Activists, Boston Labor Solidarity Committee, and

To be held Dec 31st, noon-5pm, across from Copely Square, Boston, MA.
We will be right in front of the Library facing the park.

Invite your friends, make Boston history. We are fighting the biggest war of all against Washington. Stop the Wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Russia, Iran; Wars against Workers, Immigrants, People of Color , Gays and Lesbians, Against Women and Minorities, Climate Destruction. This list goes on and on so bring your message to Copley as we try to bring in a new year that we can work together to fight these wars.


At 2:00pm the Boston May Day Coalition will meet inside the Community Church of Boston (565 Boylston St, right by Copley Square) to set our agenda for the coming months. We will discuss the urgent case of Siham Byah who was recently deported, the Poor People’s Campaign, and set a timeline of events including MLK Day, International Women’s Day, and May Day 2018. Our meetings are open for everyone to participate! Please plan to join us!

Free Leonard Peltier Stand-Out As Part Of First Night Against The Wars December 31st -2-3PM-Boston Public Library Steps Across From Copley Square Plaza

It is expected to be very cold the afternoon of Dec 31st so all supporters of the long-time AIM activist Leonard Peltier should, if possible try to make this hour if you can do any hour that First Night Against The Wars event -if not keep this righteous brother in your thought for the coming year.

We demand freedom for Leonard Peltier!

Native American activist Leonard Peltier has spent over 40 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was one of the people convicted of killing 2 FBI agents in a shoot-out on the Pine Ridge Reservation on June 26, 1975. The others who were convicted with him have long since been released. Prosecutors and federal agents manufactured evidence against him (including the so-called “murder weapon”); hid proof of his innocence; presented false testimony obtained through torturous interrogation techniques; ignored court orders; and lied to the jury.

In spite of his unjust imprisonment and terrible personal situation, being old and sick and likely to die in jail, he writes every year to the participants at the National Day of Mourning, which is held by Natives in Plymouth, MA in place of Thanksgiving, offering wishes for the earth and all those present and gratitude for the support he receives. To read some of his statements, go to (United American Indians of New England). That is also a good site for info about the National Day of Mourning and the campaign against Columbus Day and in favor of Indigenous Peoples Day.

Sometimes people claim that the US does not have political prisoners, but Leonard Peltier has been in prison for a very long time and even the FBI admits that they do not know who killed those FBI agents. If Leonard Peltier dies in prison, it will be one of the worst miscarriages of justice in this country’s long history of injustice.

For more info and to sign a petition demanding hearings on the Pine Ridge “Reign of Terror” and COINTELPRO, a counter-intelligence program conducted against activists including Native groups, go to

Write to Leonard Peltier at Leonard Peltier, #89637-132, USP Coleman 1, P O Box 1033, Coleman, FL 33521. Prisoners really appreciate mail, even from people they don’t know. Cards and letters are always welcome.

This rally is organized by the Committee for Int’l Labor Defense,