Big Bets, Big Losses: Human Toll of Southern Company’s Greed

Join us Saturday, July 14 2pm (400 Flat Shoals Ave SE) at The East Atlanta Library for a few short screenings and discussion about Southern Company’s impact on our communities. Learn about the effects of the coal plant in Juliette, GA on the nearby community, and the effect nuclear plant Vogtle is having on the Shell Bluff community, and the dangers they pose to our environment.

Southern Company recently came out with a self-promoting book, Big Bets — a book that romanticizes the corporation Southern Company as the bringer of light to the South, both literally and figuratively. What they neglect to discuss is those who have opposed them, those who have suffered and died from the ill effects of their plants, and the destruction to our land, water, and air. They see fit to gamble with our resources, and our lives, and make a tidy profit on it. We say no more.

Join us after for a sign making party at 143 Whitefoord Ave, and to gear up for Monday night’s action at the premiere!

This is a coalition effort. Occupy Atlanta, joining with the Stop Plant Vogtle coalition, Georgia WAND, Nuclear Watch South, and more.

Wednesday, June 27, 7:00pm – Mass Strategy Meeting on United Progressive Offense: Where Do We Go from Here?

2nd Mass Strategy Meeting on United Progressive Offense

2nd Mass Strategy Meeting on United Progressive Offense

It’s time for our movements to go on the offensive toward the world we want

We invite each and every individual to attend the 3rd Mass Strategy Meeting on United Progressive Offense on Wednesday, June 27th, 7pm, at Troy Davis (Woodruff) Park, on the side with the chairs and fountains.

Occupy Atlanta’s General Assembly unanimously agreed this past Wednesday that these meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of every month, replacing the regularly scheduled General Assembly.

We believe the purpose of these meetings to be a space where individuals, groups and organizations can communicate to each other and the larger community about what they’re doing, where folks can organize themselves and coordinate their efforts more explicitly, and where potential new activists can find ways to plug into the existing movement.

We envision these meetings to be an open, horizontal, bottom-up space where people come together as equals in solidarity and unity across different groups, organizations, issues, struggles, strategies, ideologies and communities to decide how we will move forward and create a better world together.

These meetings developed in response to recent attacks on our basic rights by the Georgia Legislature and their corporate sponsors a few months ago, where we achieved inspiring unity through the fight against these legislative attacks.

This unity built great potential for our movements, but what if we go farther? 

What if we use this unity to collectively assert offensive vision, goals, and demands toward a better future? Although we had some historic victories, we lost ground, too; a purely defensive posture will ensure that we continue to lose ground to regressive policies.

We believe as a goal for these meetings we could agree on a shared vision framework which we could use to unite us across struggles, groups, and communities, to help us develop strategic steps toward achieving this shared vision, and to provide each other mutual support for solving all of our collective problems and improving multiple aspects of all our lives.

At the previous Mass Strategy Meeting, we formed break-out groups around visions enumerated in the Declaration of Rights of the People of Georgia such as food is a human right, education is a human right, public space is a human right, employment/a living wage is a human right, and freedom from discrimination/equality is a human right.

We have even tried to survey everyone who attended the last Mass Strategy Meeting to figure out how we can make this one even better than the last, and we have received many very insightful responses. We are planning to have a meeting about facilitation and structure for the Mass Strategy Meeting on Tuesday (6/27) at 7:30pm at Peachtree and Pine.

Please come and add your voice to the Movement by plugging into this Mass Strategy Meeting! Also, fliers are available here and the Facebook event can be found here – please spread the word to everyone!

Let us come in a spirit of solidarity, with a focus on going on the offense, because we’re all in this together.

Occupy Monsanto S17 Strategy Planning Session Sat 6/23 4pm

Posted on behalf of The Food Supply Rescue Coalition (FSRC) and Occupy Monsanto S17 Planning Team.. Please direct any questions to Jaye Crawford

Occupy Monsanto S17 Strategy Planning Session I
Saturday, June 23

4:00pm until 7:00pm

The International Action Center Office, Room 203

S17 *** What’s Your Vision? *** S17

On September 17, 2012 the world will rise up to Occupy Monsanto on this Global Day of Action. Please join together on Saturday, June 23 for Strategy Planning Session I.

Mission: To share ideas and create an outline for S17 Occupy Mo…nsanto Atlanta-based community events and direct actions.

Special Guest Speaker: GMO expert Cathy Harris

Cathy Harris lead over 30 lectures on GMOs last year. She has received training from national-recognized GMO expert Jeffery Smith, founder of The Institute for Responsibility. She is a powerful speaker and very knowledgeable on the subjects of GMOs and Monsanto.

Location: The International Action Center Office, Room 203
Little Five Points Community Center
1083 Austin Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

(Building is also location for WRFG Radio. Room 203 on top floor)

Hosted by the currently-forming Food Supply Rescue Coalition (FSRC). The FSRG is an Atlanta-based, horizontal grassroots organization dedicated to the mission to take back our food supply and BEAT Monsanto.

The chief aim of the FSRC is to create a strong alliance by uniting passionate individuals and diverse organizations with the same shared vision. The FSRC serves to provide open opportunities to get involved, share ideas and take an active role in the process to create CHANGE.

Plug In. Get Involved. Be the Change.

Let’s show the world that Atlanta Is SERIOUS about taking back our food supply and BEATING Monsanto!

SB469 ALEC Senator under ethics investigation.

Senator Don Balfour (R-Snellville), who introduced the anti-free speech bill SB469 last spring, is in a bit of trouble.

Don Balfour has received reimbursements for conducting official business in Atlanta on days when lobbyists reported buying him meals and other perks in other states. This is a felony under Georgia law.

For example, on August 5th Balfour was reimbursed for Rules committee business and commuting from his home to Atlanta. Georgia Power disclosed they spent $50 on a tour of New Orleans he took that day while attending an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meeting.

Per Senate rules, Balfour can take an unlimited number of “Committee Days” earning a $173 per diem doing public business. The senator took 103 of these days outside of the legislative session in 2011. While 86 of these days had the expense charged to the Rules committee, it does not meet when the legislature is not in session. Balfour defended himself by saying he could decide to have a Rules committee meeting out of session. That would be pointless and make no sense but then again, neither does most of the legislation passed in the state legislature. He also suggested he could be meeting with constituents.

Popular guy, Don Balfour is.

Elected officials may use campaign funds for “ordinary and necessary” expenses of holding office which can include funding for lodging while on official business. It’s not clear what category spending $29,000 to rent a luxury condo falls under.

On Friday, Balfour agreed to sign the Common Cause pledge to cap lobbyist gifts to lawmakers to $100 per lobbyist, per lawmaker per day. He also promised to co-sponsor this as well as legislation to make the Georgia General Assembly subject to the Open Records Act which is state law. Raise your hand if you think the good Senator suddenly had a “come to Jesus” moment. It’s a lot easier to kill or neuter legislation when you are elbow deep in it.

How to help: flood the phones of the Senate Rules Committee before June 1.

Call Senate Ethics Committee members and urge them to take action to remove Senator Don Balfour from his position as Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee. The committee will meet Friday, June 1 to decide
Balfour’s fate, so get your calls in before that date. You will find Senate Ethics Committee members names and phone numbers at this link.
Senate Ethics Committee members

Call the Attorney General, Sam Olens, and request an investigation into Senator Balfour’s abuses of the per diem and mileage reimbursements which he has claimed on expense reports.

Office of the Attorney General
40 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, Ga 30334
Phone:(404) 656-3300
Fax:(404) 657-8733

Call Fulton District Attorney, Paul Howard and request he investigate Senator Balfour. Lots of the expense reports were signed in Fulton County.

Fulton County District Attorney’s Office
136 Pryor Street, SW, Third Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: (404) 612-4981 Fax: (404) 893-2769
Customer Service (404) 612-4887

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