Occupy Atlanta Legal Committee Guide for Protests

1. There is a risk of arrest at any protest or activist event. It is not safe to assume that you can avoid being arrested by attempting to follow the law.

2. The jail support phone number should be announced at all future Occupy Atlanta events. The number is 404-337-8999. If you are at an event, and no one has announced the number yet, please mic-check it for everyone. If people see an OA arrest or would like to communicate with Legal Committee, call that number or email the Legal Committee at legal@occupyatlanta.org.

3. Legal Committee can be more effective after arrests if people fill out jail support forms. The form can be downloaded here: http://occupyatlanta.org/occupy-atlanta-legal-committee-jail-support-form/. Send the completed form to legal or leave it with someone you trust who will not be going to the action. Make sure that person knows to call legal if you do get arrested.

4. If you have any legal questions related to OA activities, you can contact the Legal Committee legal@occupyatlanta.org at any time. This might include questions about where and when it is legal to march, masks or face covering, the use of amplified sound, or other issues.

If you have any additional comment or questions or suggestions, please leave a comment here or send us an email.

Emergency Action at Wells Fargo! Save Steve’s Home!

Wells Fargo just refused to rescind Steve’s foreclosure, which means they are willing to stand by and watch him get kicked out of his home. We need to act NOW.

Meet at Troy Davis (Woodruff) Park Friday at 1:00pm. We’ll head over together to the Peachtree Center Wells Fargo branch and give them a taste of some shame therapy.

Bring signs and banners. Sign the petition:


Call Allie at 404-519-3921 if you have questions or can’t find us.

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/400171513364210/

Big Bets, Big Losses: Human Toll of Southern Company’s Greed

Join us Saturday, July 14 2pm (400 Flat Shoals Ave SE) at The East Atlanta Library for a few short screenings and discussion about Southern Company’s impact on our communities. Learn about the effects of the coal plant in Juliette, GA on the nearby community, and the effect nuclear plant Vogtle is having on the Shell Bluff community, and the dangers they pose to our environment.

Southern Company recently came out with a self-promoting book, Big Bets — a book that romanticizes the corporation Southern Company as the bringer of light to the South, both literally and figuratively. What they neglect to discuss is those who have opposed them, those who have suffered and died from the ill effects of their plants, and the destruction to our land, water, and air. They see fit to gamble with our resources, and our lives, and make a tidy profit on it. We say no more.


Join us after for a sign making party at 143 Whitefoord Ave, and to gear up for Monday night’s action at the premiere!


This is a coalition effort. Occupy Atlanta, joining with the Stop Plant Vogtle coalition, Georgia WAND, Nuclear Watch South, and more.