Millions March Boston


On Saturday, Dec. 13, people from Oakland to NYC will mobilize for the MILLIONS MARCH: DAY OF ANGER. This is a call continue the struggle against police violence and for justice. Boston, let’s join the call- we fight for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and the victims of police violence right here in this city!

undercover OPD cops: Off: M. Jaeger and Off: Buford 12/3/2014

“Are Roy and Devon just two average guys marching with the people? Or is Roy and Devon really Officer Jaeger and Officer Buford of the Oakland Police Department running an intel operation on demonstrators? In the video Officer Jaeger, or “Roy”, says he believes the murder of Mike Brown was an “injustice”, but these officers show poor taste showing up to an Eric Garner protest in plain clothes. Just the presence of these officers was interpreted by many as an act of intimidation. Perhaps next time police want to express … Continued

Anti-discrimination Movement

PEOPLE! Last night in Berkeley we had a thought. Do we want two weeks of riots or two or more months of peaceful protests? What is more important to the anti-discrimination movement? Banks I could give a fuck for, but local businesses, non-corporate? Not too sure what’s happening there. It needs to be politely explained to the uninitiated the importance of blockades, how they protect us against incarceration and police violence. There is now a larger youth contingency, and student contingency than previously. Random violence defeats our motivations for a free … Continued

Brown / Garner march, Davis Sq., 5pm today

“As a response to the recent non-indictment of the officers responsible for
the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, we are organizing a MARCH OF
STUDENTS TO DAVIS SQUARE As part of a larger national movement and
expression of anger, pain, frustration, mourning, and healing, protesters
will gather and disrupt ‘business as usual’. We intend to disrupt the
continuing of daily lives as the continuity of Black lives are disrupted
every 28 hours.”

Details at:

Countering the Threat of Nuclear Disaster from Pilgrim Power Plant


Come to the Dec. 8 organizing meeting to address the real dangers of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, MA


  • Boston is only 34 miles from Pilgrim, and subject to nuclear contamination in case of radioactive release at Pilgrim.
  • Pilgrim’s G.E. Mark 1 design is the same as Fukushima’s
  • Its highly radioactive spent fuel pool is not inside the reinforced containment structure, and hence is vulnerable to accident, or attack by air.
  • In case of nuclear contamination, home insurance pays NOTHING.
  • In case of nuclear evacuation, the Sagamore and Bourne bridges will immediately CLOSE, to allow Plymouth residents to escape — but trapping Cape residents, who will have no escape.

Come to hear Diane Turco of Cape Downwinders explain the real threats to the Boston area, and the successful political actions by Cape Cod organizations.

Diane was one of the Four Cape Cod Grandmothers who performed an act of civil resistance on Mothers’ Day 2014.

With the experience of the Cape Codders and the numbers of the Bostonians, we have a much better chance for a future safe from nuclear disaster and the need to abandon our homes.

Organizing Meeting:
Monday, Dec. 8, 7-9 PM
Massachusetts Peace Action
First Church in Cambridge, Hastings Room
11 Garden St., Cambridge
(Near Harvard Square)