New Era, New Problems – Why People Protests About Climate Change on Wall Street DC

The demo last September sure does a lot of uproar in Wall Street DC. But what is the concern they protested? Climate change, the activists said. But why climate change? And why the activists think it is fitting to protest for climate change on Wall Street, DC?
• Why Climate Change?
Believe it or not, climate change is not a newcomer when it comes to the world-wide issues. This issue has been a serious talk. In fact, researches and scientific predictions about climate change have been around since the 1990s.

However, as the world finally hit the harshest impact of it starting 2010s, campaigns and protests became more apparent these years. Sadly, most people now probably only know it after the Climate Strike pioneered by Greta Thunberg, and even then not everybody sees climate change as a dire problem. They see it more like a possibility than problem, just how people see it today.

• Why Wall Street?
So, why did protestants of #ShutDownDC decided to bring up climate change instead of other issues? Well, to some (aka people who don’t really follow the economy nor climate change), climate change may have little relations, if not no relation at all, to the economy. However, science begs to differ.

It is a fact that many companies and government bodies across the world are supporting things that will hasten climate change for the sake of the economy. Take the example of oil – it is widely used as a primary source of energy, be it electricity or vehicle fuels. Though many eco-friendly alternatives existed, they are not as readily available as oil because the oil and vehicles that use it are dominating the market. As the root of the problems lies more onto economic choices, Wall Street is the best platform to protest the issue.

Why People Protests About Climate Change on Wall Street DC• What Are The Demands?
There are a long list of demands made by climate activists on #ShutDownDC. However, the most apparent one is to hasten The Green New Deal. The Deal, which is a promise from the American government to start turning the country to be more eco in the future, is set to be done next decade. However, as the climate got worse by the day, the activists are worried that The Green New Deal will be obsolete before America can feel the effect.

So, why did #ShutDownDC happened? Well, as we all know, climate change is the direst problem we have on hand. And yet, the government and the gambling biggest companies didn’t take real steps to stop it and instead investing in things that will possibly worsen it. So, the activists took the stand and marched together on Wall Street. Though the effort, just like Occupy DC, was stopped by the police, the activists will not stop advocating what’s right.

The OWS Protest in September 2011 to Make Economy Condition Even

The OWS Protest in September 2011 to Make Economy Condition Even
The economic condition in the economic centre of the USA, Wall Street in Washington DC is problematic. That area is mastered by the high-class society who is rich. However, those rich people are only 1% of the whole citizens of the USA. So, there was the OWS protest in September 2011 to make economy condition even.
• What Do They do?
This OWS is an abbreviation for Occupy Wall Street. A lot of people came to the Wall Street area and try to occupy the areas by camping there. They wished to stop the USA economic activity since they occupy the centre of US capitalism.

They were camping in Zuccotti Park, two blocks in the north of Wall Street and one block away from World Trade Centre which was bombed on 11 September 2001, that was why the participants chose the date 17 September 2011, they wanted to commemorate that tragedy along with their aim.

They camped there for three weeks before finally dismissed themselves. They wore unique costumes to attract media and also held posters such as OWS: for a Better World. Some of them also do the silent protest by covering their mouth with money.

• The Slogan
They were known for the slogan “We are the 99%” which means that they belong to 99% people of America but their incomes were much much less than the minority, 1% of the society, the rich people.

They and agen judi bola argued that it is not fair when the major change in the USA was affected by those 1% people. They also argued that those 1% people affected the way of US see cultures and humanity which worse than before.
the OWS protest in September 2011 to make the economy condition even was not really successful in turning the condition into what they hope. However, this protest puts a major effect on American citizens and many of them still continue this protest.

99 Percent Against 1 Percent: OWS Hope for Equality

Many other countries see that the USA is a powerful country that made so many decisions that in the end affect the whole world. However, the situation inside this powerful country itself is not as good as what is seen from the outside. So there is a movement to speak out this problem, OWS hope for equality.
• 99 Percent Against 1 Percent
This number may make people think that this movement will win. However, this slogan highlighted their suffering. The 99 percent of US citizens are included as poor people with minimum wage. Even some of them cannot get the right to get their minimum wage after working for a long shift. However, the one percent is the rich and powerful people who can make money out of nothing. They become richer and do not care about other people in need.

• Worse Social Condition
The slogan does not only highlight the economy condition but also the social condition. The 99 percent of US citizen is powerless against the one percent. They can do nothing when the one percent already gives out the rule.

Many people hoped that the one percent citizen will speak up for the 99% since they are more powerful. But it turns out that those one percent do nothing. So that is why Occupy Wall Street was held can is continuously held. It is the 99 percent’s hope to make a better condition for them. They took over the area of Wall Street so they can be heard well by the government and the world. Although they are not successful yet, they still have the spirit of equality.

Maybe they win of number, 99% against 1%, yet they should hold this protest continuously so that the OWS hope for equality can be reached. Just don’t give up and keep screaming “We are the 99 percent”!

OWS, an Action to Change the USA Economic and Social Condition

OWS was a protest which was held in Wall Street, Washington DC, in September 2011. They protested against capitalism in the US and did the camp action in the heart of US economy activities. Not only that, but this protest also has a mission that OWS, an action to change the USA economic and social condition.
• The Economic Mission
This Occupy Wall Street protest, of course, has an economic mission that they carry while camping and try to occupy the heart of the US economy. According to them, Wall Street is the symbol of rat which becomes fatter and fatter, make the gap between the rich people and the ordinary people much further than before. It creates ordinary people’s life much more complicated.

• The Social Mission
They felt that the majority of US citizen is people without enough income but their voice was not listened by the government. On the other hand, the minority, the rich people, have been listened well. This was a bad thing according to them.

They believe that this way affects the country’s way of seeing the social aspects of a case. It also seems that money can solve everything, that is why rich people can easily change the rules of this country.

• Take the “Arab Spring” as the Example
This kind of protest is not the first one happened in the world. Actually, OWS takes the example from Arab Spring which did similar things when they protest to their government. OWS also did the same thing because they wanted to restore US democracy without any violence.

Was it successful that OWS, an action to change the USA economic and social condition? Well, apparently they didn’t make a major change that time but they indeed affected a lot of people to join them and to care more on the society.