Join the Club: Do These If You Want to Make Your New Hires Feel Welcome

The first few weeks of your new hires are crucial. It can make or break their decision to be with the team for the long haul. For sure, you know well about the consequences of that choice. If they stay, thrive, and use their talents to the full potential, that means that you can grow better and succeed perhaps greater than you foresee. If they leave, that means that you will go back to the recruitment process. It isn’t only gruelling but also costly, while possibly handling disgruntled, disappointed ex-employees. Your goal then is to make the transition for your new hires as smooth as possible so that they will stay. Here are onboarding strategies that can help in making new hires feel welcome:

Organise a team lunch

This isn’t just to formally introduce new employees to the team they’ll be closely working with. In fact, it’s for informal purposes: letting them loosen up and getting to know them on a more personal level. When you share life over food, talking about family, interests, hobbies, and aspirations, you find commonalities among each other in one way or another. This will create a sense of connection that your new hires will appreciate and get excited about.

Go out of the office and treat your team to some nice pasta and wine. For some added team spirit, go out in your work uniforms.NZ-based HR specialists explain that this could further boost that sense of belongingness. Prepare some icebreaker questions, too, so that your conversations will be much more intentional.

Pair them up with a mentor

No matter how talented your new hires are, the first days on the job can be really intimidating. They’re trying to have a feel of their tasks and expectations from them. They’re trying to have a feel of their environment and the people around them. When you give them a mentor, this accomplishes two things. One, it allows them to learn more about their job and therefore build confidence in it over time. Two, it gives them an instant friend or at least a go-to person and seatmate for lunches or team huddles. Come up with a buddy system before the new hires come in. Encourage your current employees, especially those working for you for three years and up, to volunteer as mentors. If you want, include it officially in your incentive program.

Talk to them one on one

meeting with the boss

Check on them every now and then for the first 30 days. Have their department managers do the one-on-one talk. On the management’s end, this conversation will be beneficial for knowing what the new employee’s struggles are. You’ll be able to come up then with action plans that can help them. On the new hire’s end, this will communicate that you care about them. You’re willing to take the time to sit down with them. You understand that they still need assistance and support. End your conversations with them not only with a note of encouragement but with a challenge. Have them embrace your vision as a company. Invite them to take part in reaching your bigger goals. Let them see how growing in your organisation allows them to grow in their personal careers.

If you will notice, the warm-welcome strategy consists of relationships in different levels: groups, pairs, and personal. Cover all these bases, and you can guarantee that your new hires will feel like they belong even in their first few days.

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What’s Next After Working as a Loyal Employee?

When you’ve been with one company for so long, your identity sticks with it. You may have a hard time thinking about the kind of person you will be when you leave the company. Though you don’t plan on resigning, retirement may be around the corner, and that can be pretty scary.

For Verizon employees, this doesn’t have to be a time of fear and uncertainty. You can do so much more with your life after you’ve walked the halls of the office for the last time.


Verizon sets its employees up with a generous retirement plan, which will come in handy when you reach retirement age. This means you’ll have the funds ready to do what you want with your life even if you’re technically not employed any more. This eliminates the financial insecurity that most senior citizens worry about. Think of this as repayment for all the years you’ve been hard at work.

Finally, you get to stay at home, use your time as you wish, and plan for your years ahead without a tight schedule stopping you. If you choose to move to assisted living, you’ll also have the funds to cover your monthly fees. For those who want to travel, there is no work week stopping you now. It’s the start of the rest of your life!


talking to employees

Being with the same company surrounded by the same people day in and day out would have changed you quite a bit. Perhaps you learned to adapt to a fast-paced work environment and now you feel like slowing down might be a challenge.

Take the time to get used to it without forcing yourself to change drastically. The people you didn’t like at the office are now out of your life, so you can let your guard down and take things at a more leisurely pace. You may even go on a retreat to rediscover yourself or figure out what kind of identity you want to take on in your senior years. It’s never too late to try something new or learn a new skill.


Throughout your life, people will tell you that you should start investing. If you have done that, this is the time to reap the rewards. Your investments should give you a little something to enjoy in your old age. Take note that money is not the only thing you can invest.

If you’ve repaired your relationship with your siblings, now that you have more free time on your hands, you can pay them a visit or even go on a vacation together. If you’ve invested in your child’s home, you’ll be happy to stay with them for a couple of weeks to see them doing well without the financial burden of a mortgage.

It’s not just billionaires who get to enjoy life after they’re done contributing to the workforce. For Verizon employees, the goal of having a happy retirement is achievable. When you get there, you’ll be happy to know that everything you worked hard for is not in vain.

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5 Things You Need When Choosing Virtual Phone Systems For Your Business

As the business world steadily shifts toward digital systems, old telephone lines have started to become outdated and sometimes burdensome. Enterprises are now preferring (VoIP) because they have more features, are flexible, and can be programmed to meet exactly what a company needs. Popular options for VoIP systems include Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream and Xorcom IP phones, mainly for their multi-tasking features, user-friendly design, and availability of tech support.

If you are still deciding which type of VoIP package you should get for your business, you can start with the basic elements that every IP phone should have. The features tend to get more sophisticated the bigger your company is, but if you have a small to medium firm, these five are the most basic:

1. Portable numbers

Your active phone number can be ported to your IP phone. This way, you won’t need to keep resending your contact details to associates, especially if such number is the one you frequently use for business purposes.

2. Directory services and caller ID

Caller ID is not exclusive to VoIP phones, but it is a feature that every unit should have. Besides letting you know immediately who is calling, your phone should also be able to store names, contact details, and other related records automatically. Some IP phone models are able to create contact records instantly and place them in a built-in directory whenever new numbers are called.

3. Multi-party or conference calling

Your phone should be able to invite several people to join one call, so your team can have a meeting no matter where each person is. This allows teams to make immediate decisions and remote workers to get in touch with the main office or the boss simultaneously. No longer will you need to call people in to meet and your company can save space, time, and other resources by just getting everybody on the same call, regardless of their location.

4. Call forwarding, routing, and distribution

woman making a call in the office

Having a VoIP phone means being able to make and receive calls even while you are on the move or have traveled to somewhere, so you don’t have to be stuck at your desk waiting for it to ring. If your business involves having to go out and do field work, or if you simply don’t want to be held at the office and choose to work remotely, you can certainly have your calls routed, forwarded, or distributed to the right persons on the team.

5. Smart voicemail and document integration

These two features are important if you don’t have the time to keep listening in for calls or don’t want to miss any detail. Your IP phone’s document integration feature automatically transcribes your voicemail messages and then delivers the text to you via email or SMS. Plus, you won’t even have to keep remembering email addresses or phone numbers whenever you need to send files or attach documents.

Other important features you should look for are quality 24/7 partner support (especially if you also have a 24/7 operation) and presence management, to let your callers know if you’re out to lunch, in a meeting, in another phone call, or some other activity. Some models offer a more comprehensive suite of capabilities than others, so it will really depend on your budget and what your business needs to operate more efficiently.

Having a reliable VoIP phone is important to a business because not only does it allow team members to continue performing from multiple locations, it also gives your firm a professional face. If you have a small to medium business that requires you to travel a lot, or you have a large group of remote workers, this type of technology will help streamline work processes and improve communication channels.

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The Safety Measures in a Chemical Laboratory

person in white gown mixing chemicals inside the laboratoryChemistry is a fascinating subject, and all its ‘magic’ is done inside a laboratory. Though it’s an interesting field, it’s also complex and dangerous. Precautionary measures are done to ensure that everyone is safe in the chemistry lab.

Placing Chemicals in Proper Storage

There’s a reason you have to store chemicals properly. Some are hazardous and should not be mixed with others. There are even those that are hazardous when inhaled. You can put large amounts of liquid chemicals in IBC bunded pallets to help keep these safe until you need to use them.

On the other hand, you should place other items like books and your belongings inside lockers or shelves. You wouldn’t want these to be on the way. You also wouldn’t want them to be destroyed by being exposed to chemicals.

Safety Precautions in the Laboratory

man in laboratory gown picking chemical containers

  • Accidents or breaking of materials and equipment should be reported immediately. You should also keep track if there are instances when there are chemical spills to keep safe.
  • Wear a laboratory gown and proper footwear at all times. Proper footwear means closed shoes. Don’t use sandals, ballet flats, or open toe sandals. Make sure you don’t use any loose clothing as well since they might catch fire. Additionally, don’t forget to tie your hair or wear a cap for protection.
  • Put on safety goggles when you’re heating chemicals. Avoid pointing out a test tube to another person in the laboratory or yourself. Be mindful where the fire extinguisher, eyewash station, safety shower, and first aid kit are. Don’t forget to remove your acrylic nail polish if you’re using matches, Bunsen burners, etc.
  • Be aware of safety measures, hazard warnings, and procedures in the lab. Aside from that, don’t try to make short cuts in procedures. Do all the steps of the experiment to make sure you’re doing the right process.
  • Clean up after your work is done. If there are spills, clean up immediately. Alternately, spill mix is used for caustic liquids or solvent. Proper waste disposal must also be implemented. After each work, you need to wash your hands properly.
  • Many organic solvents’ vapors are flammable. To avoid fire, these must not be exposed to electric sparks, heating elements, or open flames. It’s safe to say that ‘all organic solvents are flammable.
  • A majority of chemicals are harmful to the body. With this, you shouldn’t inhale any kind directly or even taste them. Also, don’t inhale dust powders. Use protective equipment or fume hoods when handling these chemicals.
  • Be careful when handling volatile liquids. Remember that you can’t return used chemicals together with stored ones. Avoid, at all cost, heating a closed system because it will explode.
  • Instead of pouring water into concentrated acid, you can pour the acid into the water. You can do this, but do it slowly. You should also store concentrated acids and bases inside the fume hood.

There are many things you should remember to keep safe in the chemistry lab. These are important to make sure that no lives or properties are at stake when doing chemical experiments. Remember these things so that your chemistry lab is a safe environment for you to work on.


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Workspace Wonders: Effective Ways to Make Your Desk at Work Comfier

Many people in the workforce claim that high-stress environments stimulate them better, but others prefer working some place with a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere as it helps them focus and get their jobs done more efficiently.

If your position is a high-stress one by nature, it may be difficult to consider changing careers to address this issue. However, there are simple things you can do to cubicles in Salt Lake City offices that will help reduce your work-related stress while increasing your productivity rate at the same time.

You spend many hours of your life at work, so the best way to make your workspace more relaxing is by styling it in a way that brightens your mood. If your setup feels right, then you’re on the right track. Here are some expert ideas on how to create a workspace that will keep your mind in check.

Look straight ahead

It’s easy to dismiss how the height of your computer screen at work can affect your sitting position. For example, if your monitor is placed too close to your work desk, you risk having to hold your head at an awkward angle for many hours.

Doing so can cause many health-related problems, such as back problems, neck pain and shoulder stiffness, among others. Many computer monitors out in the markets can be adjusted for height. But, if you work from a laptop at work, it’s best to get a stand to adjust the height accordingly.

Remove all the clutter

Organized office desk

Do you have stacks of paper piled on your desk waiting to go to the shredder? Leaving your desks filled with vast amounts of documents not only make your space extremely disorganized, but it can also cause you more stressed out and leave you feeling overwhelmed.

If they’re important files that you can’t throw away, try to sort them out neatly into file folders and keep them out of your sight. The only papers that should be on your desk and in your immediate reach are those that are directly related to what you’re currently working on.

This will have a tremendous effect on your productivity rate.

Get a better chair

This is of utmost importance. The way you sit has a considerable effect on the way you feel, not just physically but also mentally. When you’re in a slouching position, your core muscles aren’t properly utilized. This could cause back and shoulder problems.

When you don’t feel your best, it will harm your motivation at work. When you sit hunched over or lean against your armrest the entire day at work, you’ll be less inspired to finish your tasks.

So, it’s highly recommended switching to a chair that encourages sitting at attention with a proper amount of support.

Finally, consider getting a standing desk. It has been widely known how sitting down for long periods can cause many health-related problems. While this may seem like an odd choice at first, its increasing popularity is proof of how effective it is.

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