Getting A Divorce? Here’s What To Anticipate

If you find yourself unable to stay in your marriage, whether or not because of marital misconduct or any other reason, then it would help to first understand how the process of divorce works – and the costs involved. You may also want to know how you and your spouse can divide your conjugal assets after divorcing.

To start off, a divorce can be filed in the state where one spouse lives. It doesn't have to be in the state where the marriage took place. In your petition, you need to indicate all important information about your marriage, your children, joint properties, individual properties, and all matters regarding child custody and support, as well as spousal support.

In Long Island and in other states, an alternative to the legal courtroom process would be to seek divorce mediation. This will be helpful especially if you and your spouse are willing to work together to amicably resolve all issues such as child custody and division of assets.

The Process of Divorce

The first phase of the process is called "service of process," in which the petitioner serves the divorce papers to their spouse, who will be legally addressed as the respondent. If both parties agree, then the respondent only needs to sign the papers as an acknowledgement of receipt. If it's the opposite, a professional may be hired to personally serve the divorce papers.

Once the service of process is done, restraining orders will be automatically set to both spouses. They will not be allowed to take their children out of the state, and make any transactions on their properties and insurances.

The respondent may or may not file a response to the petition. The response indicates their consent to the divorce, and filing this can mean that the divorce may no longer need a court hearing, speeding up the process. If a response isn't filed within 30 days, the court may declare it default upon the request of the petitioner. However, the respondent can also use the response to express disagreement on the information indicated at the petition.

If both parties agree on all terms of the divorce, they'd only need deal with a few more items of paperwork. Once the court arrives at a judgment, then the divorce will be finalized. The marriage will not formally dissolve until the end of the state's waiting period. If, however, there are disputes between the parties, court hearings or even a trial may be held.

The Costs

The costs of divorce are determined based on a number of factors, including the state, use of lawyers, number of children involved, to mention a few. In the case of an uncontested divorce, in which both spouses agree on all terms, the costs can be kept relatively low. All states charge filing fees, but you can avoid this by getting a waiver based on your income.

Hiring a lawyer would cost differently, depending on where you live. You may use a lawyer for certain parts of the divorce only to reduce the costs. Without a lawyer, the costs will include filing fees and serving the papers, and if you're getting the divorce papers online, that will also involve a fee. Getting papers from the state's website or court is usually free.

If you and your spouse can resolve your issues peacefully, seeking the help of a mediator is  less expensive and definitely less potentially traumatic than going on trial. Collaborative divorce is also an option, which is also cheaper than a trial.

Divorce mediation

Division of Assets

States laws play a part in deciding how assets will be divided. Some states will require one spouse to retain ownership of a property owned before marriage, but all states have regulations on fair distribution of marital property. Note, however, that fair doesn't mean equal.

If both parties list all of their assets amicably, arrive at an agreement together or with the help of mediators and/or lawyers, the process can be sped up. However, disputes may require lengthier mediation, and sometimes even a trial.

Ultimately, division of assets will depend on how the spouses are willing to be fair to one another. The ideal process would be both parties agreeing amicably on terms that suit them both.

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Here’s How to Battle Exam Anxiety

We all feel some trepidation when we’re about to take an exam. It’s a natural sensation because it’s hard to surmise if we’ve memorized all the information we need until we see our score. But, there are some people who feel more than just trepidation. They actually feel pure fear, and this condition prevents them from doing well on any test.

If you’re one of these people, don’t despair. There are effective ways to combat your anxiety over exams.

Use practice exams

One of the reasons people dread taking an exam is they’re not sure if they’ve learned all the things they need to learn for the test. You can fix this by simply answering a practice test because you’ll see your mistakes right away.

If you’re studying for a Network+ CompTIA exam, for example, you can use an A+ practice test to see if you know all the details you need to know or if you still need to review some more. It’s an effective way to gauge how much you know about your upcoming exam. And if you see that your test score in the practice test is high, then you’ll be more confident about your chances with the real test.

Get lots of sleep

Not getting enough sleep can exacerbate your condition and increase your anxiety towards your exam. So, it’s important that you get enough sleep every night, which means that cramming is not an option.

If cramming is not an option, then you need to start reviewing as early as possible so that you can cover a lot of stuff for your exam. If you’re taking an exam on November 16, for example, you should start studying for it on November 2. You should allot at least two weeks of studying so that you won’t feel pressured when you get closer to the exam date.

Eat right and exercise daily

If you want to retain as much information as you want when you’re reviewing, you need to make sure that your body is in peak condition. Think of your body as a car: if you don’t put in high-quality fuel and make sure that the engine is running smoothly, your car will definitely break down if you drive across the country.

If you don’t take care of your body by eating nutritious foods and exercising daily, you won’t be able to study well and do well on your exam. Be mindful of what you eat and try to jog every morning before you start studying.

Healthy food

Study in short bursts

Science has shown that our attention span is so short that if we try to study a subject longer than an hour, we won’t be able to retain anything. To get the most out of your studying, make sure to limit it to 30 minutes and rest for the next half hour.

And since you’ll be limiting your study time to 30 minutes, you need to allot more days to studying if you need to cover lots of areas. It's better if you start reviewing as early as possible because you’ll have enough time to study all the things that you need for your test.

Exam anxiety often occurs because we’re unsure of our capabilities to understand and memorize all the details we need for our test. But, if you make the necessary adjustments and changes to optimize your studying, you’ll be more confident about your chances on your exam and eliminate your exam anxiety.

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Creating a Competitive Edge as a Health Insurance Broker

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 91.5% of the American population had health insurance coverage in 2018. There are also 17.2% of the population who has Medicare coverage in 2017. This shows that the majority of people in the country know the importance of getting health insured. It’s not surprising why a lot of people are trying to start a career as a health insurance broker. Statistics revealed that there are over more or less 1.1 million insurance agents and brokers in the country in 2017.

Starting a Career in the Health Insurance Industry

Thinking about the number of insurance agents and brokers, you can only guess how intense the competition is in the industry. Despite this, you can still pursue a career in the healthcare insurance industry. You need to know some practical tips on how to stand out and gain clients

Before you start looking for clients, you need to ensure that you have attended all the necessary training programs for becoming a health insurance broker. Obtain a license as well to ensure that you will be legally operating your business in a specific state in the country. Don’t forget to gain experience by having an internship under a skilled health insurance broker. This way, you will gain enough knowledge and experience to become a successful broker in the future.

How to Be a Successful Health Insurance Broker

professional writing on paper

After fulfilling these steps, you can now proceed to create a name in the health insurance industry. Here’s how you can stand out from the competition:

  • Find a credible marketing organization—You can be one of the top agents in the country, but without proper support, your business or career won’t skyrocket. That’s why you need to find the perfect partnership to help you achieve growth in your career. You need to find an agency or a marketing organization that provides impeccable service and support. For instance, you can partner with a Medicare FMO or Field Marketing Organization. This will help you develop a robust strategy to achieve your goals, such as becoming a successful Medicare agent or broker.
  • Educate yourself about your products and services—To gain more clients, you need to earn their trust. To do this, you need to be knowledgeable about what you’re selling. You need to spend most of your time, energy, and effort in gaining more information about the rules, regulations as well as the entire benefit offers of your products and services. Don’t forget to expand your knowledge by using the best tools and innovative techniques to help you in your career.
  • Keep looking for opportunities—Find potential consumers or clients. Think about their needs and build a robust plan to attract them to get what you’re selling. You can visit community events, hospitals, clinics, or senior centers to meet potential clients. Don’t wait for people to find you, especially if you are starting to build a name in the health insurance industry. You need to step up your game to get your name out there.

Don’t forget to provide high-quality products and services consistently. Continue investing in learning new techniques and gaining more knowledge about the health insurance agency. Bear in mind that detailed and concise information is one of the keys to building a credible portfolio. Make sure to stand out from the competition by focusing on gaining the right resources and finding the best support system for your career advancement.

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How to Sell Sports Products Online

online shopping concept

Businesses are now looking for other marketing strategies that can support their products. Since people nowadays are into sports, strategies have been focused on getting sports personalities to feature their brand. This goal is being studied to meet the demands of the public. Asports branding agency can help you deal with this process. Increasing profit by increasing your visibility may not be enough to handle and manage the requests of the people. Competitors can also try to limit your business opportunities by contending your products.

The best way is to follow the trend, which is online shopping. The generation of today is more into checking out applications and websites online. Most likely, they offer easy product categories, hassle-free payment, and fast delivery to your home. Since this is a global advancement, you must try to run at this pace.

Here are some of the tips on how to sell your sports products online:

1. Business Image

Once you have managed to get a famous sports personality to showcase your products, the next step is to make sure that this partnership is known around the world. Getting a star to promote you may require a certain contract or deal. If you have the budget to go for it, you may do so with the help of the agency. Make use of this opportunity and build on it. You may try having a big advertising party or a promotional commercial. Photos with the influencer can be used in online applications.

person doing online payment

2. Design and Selling

Create your own website, or if you have one already, fix it in a way that is pleasing to the viewers. Add some photos and statements from your advertiser. Connect with other applications like social media, marketplaces, shopping sites, and more. Expand your ground and manage them well. Design is also important for the people. If they can see that it has a clear image of your page, they will surely support it. Computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets are gadgets that can view your site. Make sure that it is user-friendly even if they change their device. Since this is done in the comforts of the online system, you may have the ability to reach customers in other countries. Be open to this and offer international deliveries and packages.

3. Payment and Delivery

Offer different methods of payment, especially if the customer is not from your country. Be open to the possibilities of online payment procedures. Connect with the banks and trusted companies to partner with you in this agenda. Cooperate with their requirements and expectations of your business. Shipping must also vary from the delivery address. Fulfill it as early as possible to earn good reviews. It can also be a chance for you to gain the confidence of potential customers.

Online selling is a chance for a business to widen the range of customers. Research to learn how to best target this method. Use your promotional strategies and get the best results as early as possible!

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A Brief History of Telephony and Its Business Functions

Imagine a life without social media: no Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or other messaging apps. Communication would have been incredibly different and would have an entirely different story. Prior to telephones, people communicated through messengers, people, birds, and had to send handwritten texts to faraway places. Our social media today was once like the telephone back in the day. Let’s dive into what could have influenced social media today: the telephone.

Patented by Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone had been in its early stages and forms by other inventors. It was only until the late 1800s when dial phones started gaining popularity, with the first coast-to-coast call done around 1915. When the 1920s rolled around, telephones became common household items. Soon after, emergency responses and communication followed suit during the 1960s when needs started arising from emergency situations.

Analog and Digital Phones: What Do I Need for My Business?

With the invention of the telephone, it was no surprise that it exploded in popularity because of ease of communication with friends and far away acquaintances. In the business world, telephones allowed businesses to contact their clients directly. This allowed their needs to be met, as well as opened up more types of occupations such as field service management. Over time, phones have evolved and started adapting more digital features and services.


Today, the traditional type of phone that served businesses for decades are those built on standard copper wires and POTS (plain old telephone service). To this day, their advantage lies in clear audio quality, as well as basic features people expect in a phone: hold, redial, mute, and a speed dial options. In addition to basic, reliable features, they are inexpensive and easy to buy.

The downsides of traditional analog phones begin when it’s time for configuration and upgrade. Analogs are still being used today, primarily by businesses that rely mostly on transactions (e.g. stores and retail) and those with simple communication methods.


digital telephone in a conference room

The digital phones of today are more modern, with designs and functions that boast more features: music on hold, VoIP integration, and alarm capabilities. The digital nature and non-reliance on wires mean that these phones are more flexible for change, thanks to their software capabilities. There are many advantages to digital phones, including VoIP (voice over IP) capabilities that also exhibits good call quality and is cost-efficient, especially when making international calls.

Call quality and lower rates translate to a VoIP being attractive to businesses that rely on communicating and forming relationships with clients. If you own a small business that deals with a ton of local and international communication, coordinating with companies such as Lingo is a good way to start streamlining business communication. It will also provide VoIP services, so you can better serve your clients and spend less money on international calls.

It’s good to know that the type of business will dictate what type of phone line your company may need, with analog or digital options both having benefits of their own. A retail establishment will likely not be needing a digital phone for cost-effectiveness and simple communication methods, while a call center may need uninterrupted and reliable digital phones for more reliable transactions and processes.

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