Minnesota Unites To Say #NoTarSands! – #EnbridgeResistance #OccupyMN

The Minnesotan resistance against the Enbridge pipeline expansion and the movement of Tar Sands oil through our environment continues with two upcoming events (details below). Minnesota stands united to protect the earth and water from the destruction of Enbridge and the Tar Sands alike, for more information, please click here. Resist Tar Sands Event # 1: WHAT: Resist Tar Sands, Twin Ports: (Demonstration against Enbridge Line 67 expansion / shipping 13 million barrels of tar sands across Lake Superior each yr). WHERE: Canal Park (Next to Aerial Lift Bridge), Duluth MN WHEN: September 9th, 4:30 PM. MORE INFO: kate@mn350.org Resist Tar Sands Event # 2: WHAT: Resist Tar Sands educational talk, featuring Marty Cobenais of the Indigenous Environmental Network, MN ASAP founder, Professor Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Clean Water Advocate / former State Rep. Frank Moe, and leaders from MN350.org, the Sierra Club, and Idle No More. WHERE: Teatro Zuccone, 222 E. Superior ST., Duluth MN WHEN: Monday, September 9th, 6:00 pm. MORE INFO: kate@mn350.org


基本料金980円や同一キャリア内通話料無料プランなど、 他キャリア(ドコモやau)にはなかった斬新な料金体系で 利用者を増やしています。

調査では4G、つまりLTEでのつながりやすさナンバーワンに輝き 今どきの若い人はみんなソフトバンクの携帯電話を持っているような状態です。


開発される電話機は若い人をターゲットにしたスマートホンを中心に フィーチャーホンのいいところを残しつつスマートホンに移植して 日本独自のスマートホンに仕上げられています。


それからソフトバンクはマッキントッシュを作っているアップル社のスマートホン、 iPhonも国内でいち早く導入したことでも有名なキャリアです。


電車や地下鉄、繁華街などの若い人が集まるところを中心に 電波状況が充実していて、アプリでのゲームや、 動画サイトなどの閲覧もストレスなくできるキャリアでもあります。

本や音楽プレーヤー、新聞などから解放されて スマートホンでいろいろこなそうとしている人は、 ソフトバンクのスマートホンを試してみるといいでしょう。

他キャリア(ドコモやau)からの乗り換えプランも用意されいますし、 MNPを使えば今のケータイ電話番号が使えます。


Digging Us a Hole – #NoKXL #RLBlockade #IdleNoMore

We are excited and humbled to be announcing the release of “Digging Us a Hole.” This song was born during the “Funeral For Our Future” action in March, where we sang it together with over 100 activists in the TransCanada lobby in Westborough, MA. 25 of us kept singing as we were led out in handcuffs. We’re making the recording available for free throughout the “Fearless Summer” because this song truly belongs to everyone who’s fighting the pipeline! Download your free copy here! http://diggingusahole.tumblr.com Our greatest hope is that this song will continue to be used by those rising up against KXL. We’ll need all types of tools in our belt in order to build this movement big enough and strong enough to win, and the right song can be a powerful tool indeed. If it serves your work, please use the song in any actions or videos that you have coming up. If you want to use our recording of “Digging Us a Hole” in your next video, just download the track for free, upload to youtube (or vimeo etc.) and be sure to post a link to our Twitter and/or Facebook. We’ll share and promote anything you put out that incorporates the song. And make sure to tag it with #DiggingUsAHole, so we see it! We’ll be posting videos from fellow activists all summer long, but we wanted to start off with this first video that our friends Brian Fitzgerald and Sam McCracken made, which we think captures ...

RapNews: WHISTLEBLOWER – feat. Edward Snowden

A Rap News summary of the past week’s remarkable series of events. It started off as a slow news day, and a routine update on the state of the Free World Order with NSA Director General Baxter. But then the news broke of startling revelations from the fearless paladin of adversarial journalism, guardian of civil liberties, journalist Glen Greenwald, concerning a shadowy spying program called PRISM. Who is behind these revelations, and how should we view them? How will the Authorities, and the Corporations implicated, respond? Join Robert Foster for a whirlwind summary of the events in this ongoing saga… in Rap News 19 - Written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a suburban backyard home-studio in Melbourne, Australia – on Wurundjeri Land.   ** IMPORTANT LINKS: - Sign the White House petition for Snowden: (copy and paste) www(dot) petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/pardon-edward-snowden/Dp03vGYD - For outstanding journalism follow Glen Greenwald on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ggreenwald and via the Guardian: (copy and paste) www(dot) guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/series/glen­n-greenwald-security-liberty Also check out Edward Snowden’s original video (by awesome film maker Laura Poitras): /watch?v=5yB3n9fu-rM Here are the articles containing Snowden’s leaked documents: (copy and paste) www(dot) guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/06/us-tech­-giants-nsa-data www(dot) guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/08/nsa-bou­ndless-informant-global-datamining And for those who weren’t around in 1992: Informer, by Snow: /watch?v=NtILxBszyf8