Millionaire Mayor uses office

to benefit his local football team rather than the City’s youth as a whole; as exemplified by his cutbacks. When it comes to Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School things are a different story…–top-rob-ford-aide-asked-province-to-help-with-2-8m-in-football-field-improvements


Parti Quebecois will be taxing the wealthy in Quebec

We know the Harper government already gave Corporation $6 billion in tax cuts financed by the $25 billion deficit by the citizenry. So now the question; in that minority government at the Provincial level of Quebec will they get it passed?


Salary Freeze Optics

the Liberals under finance minister Duncan appear to be doing something about the high salaries of provincial CEOs and Upper Management. It may save $12 million in the future; some 200something people given those who are currently in the upper echelons of management are grandfathered and continue to make the dough…–dwight-duncan-targets-civil-service-managers-with-pay-freeze-salary-caps-and-bans-bonuses


Canadian Banking Industry rakes it in

while nickel, diming and charging fees from customers to have a record quarter in the area of over $9 billion in profits let alone the Big 5 while sitting on piles of cash that could be put to better use…–royal-bank-reports-highest-quarterly-profit-ever-of-2-2-billion