Tuesday, November 5th at 1PM March from the Old Court House Square 300-304 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa Ca, 95401 to The District Attorney’s Office, 600 Administration Drive, Room 212 J Santa Rosa, CA 95403 WE HAVE ONE DEMAND, for now. We demand Erick Gelhaus be immediately fired, arrested, and Indicted for the Murder of Andy Lopez. We will march to the District Attorney’s OFFICE on this coming Tuesday, the 5th, planning to leave downtown around 1:30. We need everyone that can be there, there. Justice cannot wait! TENEMOS UNA DEMANDA, … Continued

Solidarity with the Indigenous Struggle in Honduras and COPINH

Solidarity with the Indigenous Struggle in Honduras and COPINH For full story please visit: Rioblancocommunity.blogspot.com There will be an action this Thursday Sep 19th in solidarity with COPINH members Berta Cáceres, Aureliano Molina and Tomas Gómez who face another trial day on Friday Sep 20th. The government and private prosecutors are asking Berta Caceres to be imprisoned and that Tomas Gomez and Aureliano Molina be given substitutive measures to imprisonment, including prohibited access to Rio Blanco and routine check-ins at the court house. If charged the community of Rio Blanco will be left more vulnerable, silenced … Continued

Until All Are Free: A series of actions in solidarity with the Hunger Strikes, Saturday, August 24th at 5pm

On Saturday, August 24th at 5pm join us at Oscar Grant Plaza to march in solidarity with the California prisoners on the 48th day of their hunger strike. As they organize behind the closed doors of solitary, let our support ring loudly through the streets. Let us voice the demands of the prisoners and demand justice for Guero, the first prisoner to die participating in the hunger strike (may he rest in peace.) Saturday,  August 24th, 5pm Rally at Oscar Grant Plaza (14th and Broadway) and 5:30pm March. Come ready to … Continued


In the matter of The People V. Wells Fargo the jury has found us, the 12 Occupy Philly protesters arrested in November 2011 for a sit-in against the banks’ predatory lending practices and mafia-like policies, NOT GUILTY. We would all ask for you to please share this story with your networks and local press. Free speech just triumphed over property rights, even as the DA talked shit on twitter.  Thank you to everyone for the support! It got us through that anxious time. Please share. This is history. Read More Here: … Continued