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Network backbone In the network a piece of original net free thought and light together. To avoid the fame to avoid vicious combing raging storm to you my beautiful space reclamation planting fruits planting rice and plant world quietly accompany Yi put the taste has almost let the money and material in the door without Yan Di Leng Li to purify the world decorative soul force the beautiful culture to hoard Live in the present moment to cherish the present In her spare time, open the computer, the mouse as … Continued

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Life and times The life Kobe 7(VII) Shoes and times of years river, the stream never stops flowing. Is life; life within the field, dare to say no is the years.Every life, in the years to come, is a fleeting meteor; every moment of time, in life, is a never unbalanced weight.Life is a soft feather, following years of wind cycle, lift ups and downs; life is a heavy piece of stone, in the years of the groundless talk in smelting, after forging quenching, just show steel lattice.Life is a … Continued

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The girl wants to marry Farewell summer wings flying like a diligent girl turns to wipe the autumn girl face clouds, producing a white quilt for autumn girl ready to marry Yantai apple pear dowry, is afraid of insects ruined face make a scarf wrapped face fall is not betrothed yet cute girl insurance millet, quiet reserved day low imagine how the threshold of married autumn Red Sorghum ornaments pearl agate generally make birds kiss off corn, stand the detachment of women even rows, each with gold teeth of a … Continued

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Friday Night Lights Thoughts So what’s the verdict Heart-stopping season opener Too dark Are you pissed (much hotter) Julie stalked that music douchebag when she’s dating Saracen We’re probably not the best people to ask about such suchery �C Lyla and Riggins could play Mahjong with Saracen’s grandma for an entire episode and we’d still be glued to the screen. (Strangely, we long ago lost this passion for any sports team, yet we feel this connected to FNL and Lost. Go figure.) Here’s the best review we’ve read �C Nancy … Continued

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Obama Blooper Reel 1 After bumping his head while boarding Marine One helicopter yesterday, Barack Obama probably wondered who lowered the top of that door frame 3 inches. Looking For Beyonc, Part 1: The Color Conflict This article from the is long, but it’s a very good read. The writer dissects the Ciroc ad controversy and gives some insight into what went wrong and the necessary steps that are being taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again. discount nike lebron Thanks to the Florida Courier for the nod to … Continued