3/10/2012: Protest against Monsanto ruling on Monday


2 pm PROTEST of U.S. Federal Dist. Judge Naomi Buchwald’s decision today to throw out lawsuit of 300,000 organic farmers against Monsanto. Collect signatures for the resignation of Judge Naomi Buchwald who threw out lawsuit of 300,000 Organic Garmers

The case was decided at US District Courthouse in Lower Manhattan at 500 Pearl Street.

Greivance,, as required in our 1st amendment rights: Resignation of u.s.federal district judge Naomi Buchwald.

Protest from 2pm on Monday at 500 pearl street

Europe- who not only do not allow the growing of GMO’s, they will not allow a product CONTAINING GMO’s acroos their borders

Among the documents obtained by Wikileaks include Monsanto asking the US government to maintain its strong pressure on the European Union legislation for the introduction of GMO foods.[85] After moves in France to ban a Monsanto GM corn variety, the US embassy recommended that ‘we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU’


Cynthia Price

213.484.0777 Phone

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3/10/2012: Request for tent for Occupy Milwaukee

I would like to submit a proposal to GA for a 16×16 Military tent for Occupy Milwaukee. We would like to use it for our medic tent, and if approved transportation of the tent back to Milwaukee can be set up. You can check out our web site at occpymilwaukee.org or find occupy Milwaukee on Facebook.
Submitted by: Paul Schoeckert

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3/10/2012: 1%ers for Romney (or Obama)” rally

Next Wednesday, Republican kleptocrat Mitt ’1%’ Romney will join a bevy of Wall Street bankers for a fundraiser to fill his election coffers right here in Manhattan, at the Waldorf Astoria in midtown. At a luncheon hosted by a billionaire supermarket magnate friend, Romney will shmooze the SuperPACS and corporate fat cats, and we want to mobilize OWS to show this radical 1% fringe that their time is up.

Community organizations, unions, and pro-worker coalitions will be out there but we want to make sure that the message isn’t just about Romney’s record, or partisan politics. We want to highlight the the nightmare of corporate personhood, and the selling of our democracy to the top bidder.

But rather than just mix our message in with other protests being planned, a group of participants from across OWS is proposing a fun rally to highlight Romney’s true masters. We’re proposing a “1%ers for Romney (or Obama)” rally with people dressed to the nines—we’ll work on costumes like ball gowns and suits and tophats and tiaras— and signs that echo Romney’s own words, like “Corporations are People Too!” as well as “Buy Your Own Politician. Romney’s Mine” and “Ask Me About my Super PAC” etc.

We need creative minds and people willing to put in a little work between now and next Wednesday. We need help designing a scenario, gathering materials, and coming up with funny, smart, biting messages that do more than just slam Romney for his political positions and rather critique a system in which a tool like Romney could be in the political position he’s in.

And we would like the support of the OWS General Assembly for this action.

George Martinez, and Brendan Burke will be presenting this item

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3/3/2012: Creation of discussion space / format in General Assemblies (on a weekly basis)

Drafted by: Sandy N. and Zak S.


“The need to assemble is as constant among humans as the necessity of making decisions is rare. Assembling corresponds to the joy of feeling a common power….It’s not a matter of critiquing assemblies or abandoning them, but of liberating speech, gestures and interplay of beings that take place within them….If we manage to set aside the fantasy of a General Assembly and replace it with an assembly of presences….if we stop making the decision our final aim, then there is a chance for a kind of critical mass, one of those moments of collective crystallization where a decision suddenly takes hold of beings, completely or only in part….An assembly is not a place for decisions but for talk, for free speech exercised without a goal.”

– The Coming Insurrection


The OWS General Assembly is a highly recognizable symbol of our community and an entry point for many into the Occupy Movement in New York. At present, due to its highly competitive and bureaucratic nature, many organizers have ceased participating and many first time participants are turned off by the movement as a result. This is not a condemnation of the incredibly dedicated individuals who continue to organize and participate, only an honest account of our circumstance.

As a first step in rebuilding a positive, inspiring and constructive space for communal dialogue, we propose that one GA per week – the Saturday GA – focus entirely on substantive, political discourse. Rather than going through the process of passing proposals through consensus, a weekly topic will be presented to the group followed by breakouts, report backs, and then unstructured conversation. This process may be repeated depending on the topic being discussed. These General Assemblies would be analytical rather than conclusive and would hold no decision-making power.

Weekly topics will be proposed and determined by the group at the end of each Saturday GA. The party submitting the proposal will be responsible to make a short presentation to frame the discussion the following week. Should an urgent discussion topic arise during the week, such as an unanticipated action or development that requires community-wide discussion, an emergency proposal can be made to the Facilitation WG, which may then present the proposal at the beginning of the Saturday GA.

We believe that this model would bring members of our community back together and also serve as a widely-publicized outreach tool, where anyone can participate in dialogues surrounding issues relating to the fight for social and economic justice. We hope to recreate a space that we are all proud to take part in – one that is a collective embodiment of our values and how we address socio-economic issues through respectful and empowering forms of communication.

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3/3/2012: Amendments to the Statement of Autonomy from Owen

I would like to request that the following proposal for minor editing of the Statement of Autonomy be placed on the agenda for Saturday March 3, 2012.

Because of the recent tensions which have arisen surrounding funding a review of the Declaration of Solidarity seems timely.


I have come across two things that need attention:

First, there is no date on the page stating when the Statement of Autonomy was consensed upon at the General Assembly (Nov. 11, 2011)…

Second, the following sentence (second paragraph of SoA) needs editing for clarity:

” We provide a forum for peaceful assembly of individuals to engage in participatory as opposed to partisan debate and democracy.”

I believe the sentence should read:
We provide a forum for peaceful assembly of individuals to engage in participatory democracy as opposed to partisan debate.

I am about to translate this and would like it to be corrected.

A proposal: Two Minor Editing Changes to the Statement of Autonomy

1) The date of November 10, 2011 be reflected on the site: http://www.nycga.net/resources/statement-of-autonomy/
2) That the following sentence (second paragraph of SoA), which reads:

” We provide a forum for peaceful assembly of individuals to engage in participatory as opposed to partisan debate and democracy.”

Be edited to read:
We provide a forum for peaceful assembly of individuals to engage in participatory democracy as opposed to partisan debate.


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