Great Challenges for Occupy Wall Street’s Activists

The economic crisis which happened since 2008 in Wall Street has been able to expose the ruin of the finance capital. It has also made people questioning the banks’ legitimacy as well as Wall Street. The anger of public against Wall Street has been situated clearly since 1970s which led to the appearance of a neoliberal economy. One movement which has taken part in this process is the Occupy. However, great challenges for Occupy Wall Street have also appeared.

The Movement of Occupy
Since the first movement of the Occupy, it has been able to create a radically contrasting political culture among all movements in the United States. The movement done by the Occupy allow the activists to engage in the collectively run participatory and democratic space. One vivid example can be seen from the occupied spaces all over the country where the in house kitchens have fed lots of people each day. The design groups dedicate their skills to give supports to the projects and actions for this movement. The sanitation and comfort committees address the issues of safety and health.

These actions have been able to show that young people also care about the political change. They have become the first line of the movement to help creating the direct structures of democracy and also to change the country’s direction. This political movement has been able to show the incapability of the government institutions to offer such comfort for their citizens and also it has been able to awaken the young people to demand the equitable society.

Challenges for the Occupy

Challenges for the Occupy
The physical occupations of Zuccotti Park are very important symbolically for this movement to be able to remind its goal and also what it can actually do. This public movement may not be able to grow to its extend without the role of the occupied space. However, the thought of the decrease of the occupied spaces may become the setbacks for this movement. The absence of the rallying movement seems to make it die.

Nonetheless, the Occupy movement is not over yet. This movement is now focusing on the diffusion of the General Assemblies, ongoing protests on certain issues, and also several spirited local discussions. There have been some protests happening later on. One example is the protests done by the university students in November where they challenged the tuition hikes.

The great challenges for Occupy Wall Street have now on the strategic planning to shape the demands and also the concrete visions.

What Happened to Occupy Wall Street Movement?

If you are the one who are curious about what happened to Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States, you can be in peace as this movement which firstly began in the Zuccotti Park doesn’t actually disappear. Instead, it has been regrouped and splintered around the several focuses.

The Beginning
It started from the campaign done by Hillary Clinton where she pointed out the income inequality in the United States. She began comparing the salaries of the kindergarten teachers and the hedge fund managers.

Fortunately, Hillary was not alone at all. The presidential challenger from Democratic party, Bernie Sanders, has also spending his time to fight against the Wall Street’s excesses greed while also focused on the transaction tax of several big banks. The Republican party was also claiming that the inequality on the income was real. Marco Rubio has also done an action to reverse the income inequality by weighing the tax credit on the subsidy for those who had the low-waged incomes.

Still Active
However, it has been for about four years since the Occupy Wall Street’s precipitous rise, people thought that this social movement had lost from the public. This is not true as the activists claim that they have regrown for several issues. It can’t be denied that the income inequality has become the main problem in the United States. This problem has been the main focus of all candidates of president in 2016. From the point of view of Occupy Wall Street, this issue is only one of problems that has been in their movements.

Zuccotti Park

In recent update, the chief accomplishment of Occupy Wall Street has been changing the national talk by providing Americans with new language, that is known as the 99 percent and the 1 percent. This talk has become one of the strategies to frame the crisis on the income inequality as well as the money corruption taking place in the politics.

The movement has taken its serous act when they start occupying the Zuccotti Park in September 2011 to ignite the global and national movement to connect the links between the political and corporate power. Although lots of people at gave the supports on this movement, there has not been a concrete result on the movement done by the government.

Despite its failure in September 2011, the movement is still active in the community. To know more about what happened to Occupy Wall Street, you can keep on your eyes on the news update.

OWS, was It a Success?

Taking “Arab Spring” as an example doesn’t mean that Occupying Wall Street movement can be an instant success and make their aspirations heard by the lawmakers. OWS is still continued until now, can be a big question that OWS, was it a success or actually they fail so they need to do it annually?

• Don’t Have a Clear Aim
The difference between “Arab Spring” and OWS is in their aim. It was said that “Arab Spring” surely knew what kind of change that they want to happen, so that the indicator of the success of this movement becomes clear when the target is reached.

However, Occupy Wall Street movement has too general aim which is to erase the economy and social inequality worldwide, especially in the US. Well, this aim is really good and is many people’s voice, indeed but they aren’t specific which law that the government should fix. So, the indicator if its success becomes a blur.

In its development, OWS also experienced the change of goals. Many people join this movement, not because they want the government remakes or make the certain law that will be beneficial for many people, but they just want to express their disappointment to the government. This act, of course, can be controversial, since other people may interpret it in the wrong way. This is also why in some OWS acts; the police were ordered to dismiss the participants because the police thought that what they do was wrong.

Act as the Majority

• Act as the Majority
The OWS’ slogan is “We are the 99%” which means that they are the majority of the US citizens who feel unequally treated by the one per cent, the rich and powerful people. Well, this slogan seems good in order to attack the one per cent side by the number of people. However, it is not effective when they realize that many people don’t agree with them. They didn’t get the backup of numbers of people and they just fall apart.

The other demonstration may act like the minority. They may be out of number, but when they are treated as the minority for real, their spirit will be burned to show the treatment that they get from the majority; to blame the majority about what they have done to the minority.

OWS, was it a success? Well, nobody knows it for sure. The result is still debatable. However, the most important thing from this movement is that we can see how lots of people still fight for equal rights, in this case, is between the rich and the poor one.

The Leaderless Movement of Occupy Wall Street in the United States

Occupy Wall Street has come back. The news about it has been massively been spread all over the social media networks. The occupation of Wall Street has been able to become a national issue. Lots of people pay attention to this movement even the president, celebrities and also street vendors. The controversy is made by one and only, the leaderless movement of Occupy Wall Street.

Who are They?
You must be curious about the movements done by these people under Occupy Wall Street. Due to its popularity, the video game on the Occupy has been developed. There also has been a talk about the movement, that is, to occupy the world. To know about who these people are and what they are demanding so far, you need to understand what the movement is.

As mentioned by the activists of the Occupy, this movement has set a clear concept. It is a leaderless movement with no authoritative set of demands. They don’t set any projected outcomes, talking heads, or bottom lines. The members of the Occupy are all the leaders. The statement that we are all leaders have been able to give the clear praxis as well as the clear history on the movement.

The Movements

The Movements
In 1960s and also in 70s, the movement has held a meeting on the focus on the feminism where there has been an issue on several forms of women oppression in private. Women were tired of being excluded from the inner circles of the leaderships. They have then focused on the issue of the gender equality in the formal leadership.

The awareness has also been raised in relation with the gay right. The movement has been able to empower the gay women and men to fight for the rights and also to get rid of the degraded life of the sexual privacy.

These two movements have been able to bring significant impacts to the American lives. The feminism has changed how we look at each other whether we are men or women. The gay rights have been able to free our sexuality. All these impacts have nothing to do with the centralized leadership.

In this movement, there are no leaders with long standing delegates as each of them is the leader. The Occupy operates in simple way, the members are being unified with one powerful goal, that is, all of them don’t tolerate the corruption and the greed.

Therefore, the leaderless movement of Occupy Wall Street will keep on fighting the unjust that happens in Wall Street.

The Irony and Influence of Occupy Wall Street

This year marks the 7th anniversary of this Wall Street social and economic movement. Occupy Wall Street or OWS was born in 2011 while US was under financial crisis. This movement has brought serious discussion to table. With the anniversary, US citizens start to look at how this movement has become.

The Influence of OWS
Bringing up many critical issues like inequality in salary, job vacancies, and many other social and economic issues, OWS has spread some progressive and positive energy to the society. This energy is very welcoming, very intoxicating for people’s emotional side, and organically grassroots.

The influence is very positive as well. It encourages people to voice what is unheard before. As an effect, these issues are on the table of discussions on the highest level of the country. The win of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shares the same theme of this movement. From this side, we find positive effects from this movement.

The Irony of OWS

The Irony of OWS
Everyone needs to agree that this movement voice out issues like money out of politics and income inequality. Yet, this movement has flaws. Despite its positive influence, OWS doesn’t have an organization to manage the movement and to direct it better. It is also lack of hierarchy which makes this movement weaker.

Without making specific demand during the protest, OWS doesn’t perform ultimately as they are potentially be. It doesn’t make the system changes fast and big enough. Of course, it is something they can fix, and these flaws aren’t failures.

OWS held an anniversary event in September 17 this year in Zucotti Park. For the last seven years, this movement inspired other social and economic movements, and brought positive impact to the people. Yet, if they don’t fix the irony, it is just a matter of time before this movement remains a history.