What’s The Relation Between Climate Change and The Economy?

What’s The Relation Between Climate Change and The Economy? –
The recent protest #ShutDownDC had brought light to climate change problems on Wall St., DC. However, why do the protestant picked the spot? Is there any apparent relation between climate changes and the world-wide economy? Actually, there is – and it is much direr than one might think.
• Economy: The Wheel That Turns The Modern World
It’s no secret that the economy is the major cause of our fast-growing society. As means of transportation gets faster and more efficient, the cycle of economy starts growing faster and faster.

The number of online poker player at https://poker678.net grows, and all businesses have the chance to grow too. Sadly, not many realize that this amazingly fast growth doesn’t only affect money and production – it also affects many other issues including wage, labor, the environment, and climate change.

• How Did Economy Affect Climate Change?
Wait, but how did the economy affect climate change? Let’s look at the shorter branch first – environment. Apparently, the faster the economy grows, the faster products are made. So, in order to keep up with the market, factories will be in dire need of materials.

If the materials are taken from nature (or at least need natural elements such as cotton, millets, etc.) then we are waning the quality of the soil at a fast rate. Then, the process (whether the materials came from nature or not) will require excessive non-environmentally friendly chemicals that are thrown without being processed first.

If these damages are prolonged, it will affect the climate because both efforts are damaging natural environments that produce oxygen and many other chemicals that regulate our climate. Hence, climate changes are forced to move fast as well.
• Moves That Are Good For The Economy But Bad For The Earth
As we can see from the explanation above, there are two moves that are good for the economy but pushing climate changes as well:

  • Producing materials at a fast rate. This pushed the need for deforestation – which lessening natural habitats of animals, lessening oxygen production in the area, all while disrupting biodiversity.
  • Throwing out unrecyclable wastes without any processing. This harms the environment even further, causing the same effects as the first point.
    Other bad economy moves for the climate include consuming animal products, which increases our carbon footprint.

So, what’s the relation between the economy and climate change? Well, first of all, many aspects of the economy thrive because they invested in climate change-inducing stuff including oils and plastic. Another example, the single-use products in our modern life cannot be recycled and filling the landfill and ocean, pushing climate change even further. Who are capable to push these bad changes if not the economy?

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Wake-Up Call: Anti-War Rally In DC

Wake-Up Call: Anti-War Rally In DC – The death of General Qassem Suleimani earlier this 2020 had made uproar about the start of WWIII globally. In response to that, activist especially those with the Iranian community had been protesting around the globe, including in the US itself.

• Anti-War Rally DC
Global Day of Protest has been initiated in response to the war between the US and Iran since November 2019. There are hundreds of protests in Iran and several concentrated rallies in the US.

A rally in front of the Washington D.C. was conducted as a part of Global Day of Protest. On the date, hundreds of people gathered in front of the White House, including Sean Blackmon from ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), Donna Farvard from NIAC, and Medea Benjamin from Code Pink.

The rally was meant to be peaceful and educative. Besides remarks on how the US-Iran war is not exclusively affecting the two countries, the activists educate the masses about the humanitarian cruelty that is caused because of the war. In Iran itself, there are reports regarding halted medicine supplies from Europe that caused deaths, such as the death of 15 children with Epidermolysis bullosa. Iranian-American who joined the rally also shared how their relatives in Iran died from other diseases due to the same issue. Meanwhile, in the US, there are at least 16 reported Iranian students who have their visas revoked because the US government regards their nationality suspicious. From the same matter, Iranians in Canada have to travel to Washington to prove their nationality and avoid the same issue.

• What Happens Next?
The Washington DC rally may end peacefully, but the predecessor protests don’t have such endings. Many activists (especially those in Iran) are behind the bars, if not killed. Thankfully, the DC rally was followed with a resolution from The US House of Representatives to NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran). To be precise, it was received by a NCRI-US representative Ms. Soona Samsami. The resolution basically stated that The House of Representatives stands with Iranian activists against the war, opposes human rights abuse happened in the protests, and urged UN Security and Human Rights Council to deal with the issue somehow.

Thankfully, after the rally, a resolution had been made to minimize any more casualties from future rallies. For the time being, Iran is holding an uneasy quiet after some de-escalation moves from the US’ while more activists took their stand in both countries.

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