Top Things that Make Employees Happy

group of happy employeesEmployees are the lifeblood of any company in Australia. Taking care of them and ensuring that they're happy can mean the difference between productivity and failure. A lot of companies assume that it's all about the money—and they are wrong. In fact, statistics show that many employees attribute great workplaces with a great culture. That means that everything, from team nights to safety equipment, is a better way to go if you want your people to become motivated to work. Here are a few things that can help make your workplace awesome:

 A Full Pantry

Few applicants will ever state that part of their consideration for a job is having a full pantry accessible to them. It does help, though. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to constantly provide them with food all the time. In fact, what matters most is having a fridge to place their food in and a microwave to heat that food. It's a bonus if you provide a coffeemaker and supply of coffee. These are small investments, but they go a long way toward making your employees feel taken care of. You'd be surprised how many employees find something as simple as these awesome.

Team Nights

employees singing at karaokeAnother simple investment that many employers ignore is giving their people a chance to bond and grow closer. Team nights can be as simple as eating out with everyone. It helps to be there when they eat out. It makes them feel that you're open. You can also invest in a few board games and have game nights. The competition helps people relieve their stress. Additionally, these game nights help empower people and challenge teams to develop a stronger sense of camaraderie and oneness.

Safety Equipment

This is a more passive investment, but it also goes a long way toward making your workplace feel awesome. There are many different kinds of safety equipment that are helpful in any workplace. Safety mats are one thing that you can place in areas where there's a risk of slippage. Hardhats and gloves are great for places where much stock and inventory need to be lifted and moved around. Even signs placed where they are needed can be a big comfort for your employees.


These might feel like a costly investment, but they are one of the biggest boosters to employee morale. The key to this is to hold them when you hit certain key milestones. Sales goals are a good milestone to set as they ensure that you are rewarding something worthwhile. It is one of those things that employees really look forward to. This is especially true when your people work very hard and tend to get very stressed out. It doesn't even have to be expensive or far. Just offer an escape from their existing environment and let them have a great time.

Keeping your people happy ensures that your bottom line is taken care of. It really isn't about just money. What employees look for in an awesome workplace is things that show genuine care for their well-being.

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Using Traditional Advertising Methods to Promote Your Business in the Digital Age

Taxi billboard close-up at nightSetting up your own business could be scary at first. But once you have overcome the first easy steps in creating your own business at a strong foundation, then your worries are already halfway through. However, the business cycle never stops at just the creation. Your business would need some attention from people for it to remain steady in the long run. There are several ways you can get your business out there, and get people to talk about it. In this day and age, media promotions play a huge deal for a business’ popularity. But what people fail to understand is that both traditional and modern-day advertising methods can work together in perfect harmony for a much better promotional outcome. Here are a few examples of traditional advertising methods and why they are still important and advantageous:

The Use of Billboards (and Tarpaulins as Alternatives)

Billboards are probably the biggest traditional advertising method there is. They are created solely to attract motorists and travellers on their journey somewhere. People’s subconscious often remembers things when they are presented to them in a grand way. This is why billboards are still well-known and used.

But using billboards as a promotional method can be extremely expensive. You can always opt for a cheaper option. Opt for something a little less grand but still presented on a large scale that can catch the attention of many people. Use a different platform such as a tarpaulin in which your ad can be printed through large printing services. A tarpaulin will still be big enough for people to notice.

Giving Away Flyers

flyers being printerMost of the time, people just crumple flyers given to them on sidewalks or at mall entrances. But it is important to also remember that there is always that tiny chance that they might read what’s in the flyer. Cling to that tiny chance and hope for the best because remember: Th main goal here is for people to accept the flyers that you are giving away. It will just become a bonus if those people read the flyers. Good promotion always seeks one thing: exposure. Once the person is exposed to what you are trying to promote, then you are already halfway through. Besides, people always seem to have a different attachment or reaction to physical things that they can touch over something that they just scroll over on their social media feed.

Putting Up Posters

People can now get extremely creative with digital posters that they post online. Visual exposure to people can easily catch their attention, especially if the posters have vibrant colours and great graphics. People might actually pause while scrolling through their feed if something catches their eye. The same thing can happen if you put up actual posters on walls. The good thing about posters on walls is that they can never be lost instantly, unlike when the social media feed refreshes after a minute or so.

While modern promotional methods are a lot more convenient nowadays, it is still important to incorporate some of the traditional methods for a wider reach and a more successful promotion. Use billboards, give away flyers, put up posters on walls. These are some of the traditional methods of advertising that you can still use.

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Human vs. Machine: It’s the Presence That Matters

We are an advanced society. It’s a marvel to look at how much things have changed in the last decade alone. It’s even hard for older adults to keep up because they didn’t have this technology growing up. However, we’ve become too advanced that machines are already starting to replace people.

Will this work, or will it be the detriment we never saw coming?

Court Reporting

In Phoenix, AZ, some courts are already turning to machinery to record proceedings, doing away with full-time court reporters. While it sounds logical as the next step, it’s not practical.

Sure, recorders do not need much maintenance, and they are inexpensive, but there have been instances of them experiencing technical difficulties. In a courtroom, emotions may run high, and there is no way to replicate a scenario just so they can be re-recorded.

Once the moment is lost, the transcription is incomplete. The presence of court reporters, real people with good recollection and a capacity to express whether they got what people were saying, will never be completely eliminated. They are crucial in the accurate portrayal of the court proceedings, and they will remain so until machines become advanced enough that they can think like humans.

Customer Service

customer service

Difficult customers are hard to deal with — especially if you’re letting bots take their case. These customers will not be satisfied with canned responses, and the more you let them interact with automated messages, the more difficult they may become.

A human customer service representative has something bots don’t have: empathy. They are able to understand where your customer is coming from, and they can help the customer find a way to resolve the issue without further agitating them. Even if your bots have an exhaustive list of responses, it’s not enough to address issues of an emotional customer without a little personalization.

Food Preparation

Restaurants these days pride themselves over customized menus and dishes done exactly the way you want them done. You can make special requests, and the chef will be able to execute them in real time.

If food preparation were to be fully automated, it would be expensive to teach machines to customize each dish and get them right every time. They can’t taste what they make, either.

Sometimes, no matter how perfect a meal looks on paper, its taste will still need some finishing touches from a seasoned chef. You’re removing this step if you let robots prepare your food.

Body Measurements

There have been attempts at automating body measurements, but there’s a reason they haven’t taken off. Taking body measurements is something that requires proximity.

Attempts at automating the process have yielded favorable results, but it takes too much effort to have to wear a bodysuit with identifying markers and then have your photos taken at different angles for the machine to calculate the distance between markers. The traditional, or old-school way of using a measuring tape, will not take you a minute.

Sure, it would be nice to let machines do everything while you laze around and do nothing. However, in some industries, human presence simply works best.

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Why a Person’s Place of Death Matters

wooden casket

Death is inevitable to everyone. For some people, it could be any day. While others have to wait for years as they slump in their bead, waiting for their time to come. Some people see nursing homes as their waiting rooms. Others even believe that nursing homes are where people send their loved ones whom they can no longer care for at home.

Where people die matters

Every person has a unique point of view about life as well as death. While others see nursing homes as a place where they get the care that they need, others strongly feel like avoiding them at all costs. It is crucial to realize that the place of death matters. Similar to how a person's living environment influences their life, their place of death does, too.

Many people want to receive care at home if possible. But they do not want to die there, either. Some people choose to take a senior care franchise opportunity because it provides those who are nearing death the proper home care that they need.

The feeling of uncertainty when facing imminent death

Patients do not know the symptoms that they will develop or if their caretaker can handle them on their own. The feeling of uncertainty makes their situation more difficult, especially when they are in an unfamiliar place. People feel scared of the thought of spending their lives in palliative care. It is crucial for the staff to find a way to make their patients feel secure.

grave with a cross

How you die is important

Most people often disregard the fact that life is short. No one puts money into palliative care because death has not come to their minds yet. As life expectancy is increasing, so is the way people die. Now, more people are dying because of long-term illnesses rather than infectious complications. Hospices take the responsibility of caring for people diagnosed with long-term chronic diseases. The care that hospices provide enables patients to continue living their lives. At the same time, it also allows patients to enjoy the quality of life that they deserve.

Talking about the end of life

It is not unusual for patients and their families to have disagreements about their preferences. It stems from the fact that family members favor formal care in hospitals or hospices more often than the patients themselves. Caretakers try to explain that choosing hospices over home care provides patients with immediate access to medical support. But care provided by strangers in a place that is unfamiliar to them makes them uncomfortable. This is something that both parties should consider. One way to help reconcile the difference is by talking to each other and talking about their preferences. See if they can negotiate their choices about both parties' needs.

End-of-life discussion is continuous among everyone involved, including healthcare professionals. It takes time to end the dialogue. But speaking about each other's preferences can help families to understand what matters most to the patient as they approach the final stage of their life.

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Habits that Can Lead to Divorce

When you think about divorce, your mind automatically goes to the worst of things: infidelity or a lack of intimacy. Indeed, these are the big culprits behind nasty breakups. But there are also tiny habits that make spouses bitter. Because these routines are so trivial, they can quickly go unresolved. Over time, however, they can lead to significant issues. Beware of these “petty” habits that can cause a rift in your marriage:

Fighting over chores

Harvard Business School claims that 25% of divorced couples attribute arguments over house chores as the number-one factor in splitting up. At a glance, it seems like an overstretch, but if you think about the daily stresses of work and parenting, the last thing that fatigued couples want is to do the laundry. Deciding who’s going to do the chores can trigger nasty fights. The reality is that keeping the house clean is an everyday job, so the arguments can become a default in the household. Also, do you know that chores can dampen your sex drive? You might have less desire to make love when you just washed the dishes, did the laundry, and put the kids to bed. If intimacy doesn’t become a priority anymore and the marriage goes sexless, it can lead to partners drifting apart. Sometimes, they start seeking “love” from other sources. Although cheating isn’t bad news in a no-fault state, it hurts when you look at it from an emotional perspective.

Dodging confrontations

couple having an argument

Sometimes, you do this consciously, especially when you want a brewing argument to dissipate. Other times, you do this unintentionally. You retreat to your phone, video game, or whatever it is you’re doing. For sure, you’ve heard of this behavior already: stonewalling. This behavior communicates to the other person that you don’t care about what they say, what they need, or what they feel. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by an argument, verbalize it to your spouse and take a break. You can enlist the help of a relationship expert if you find it hard to talk through your issues. If you decide to push through with the divorce and settle it amicably, divorce mediation is an excellent legal remedy. You can ask a family lawyer about it.

Using too much social media

Your relationship with your phone can take a toll on your relationship with your spouse. One study says that the regular use of social media can cause one partner to monitor the online activity of the other, increasing feelings of jealousy. This can result in a marriage breakdown. In other reports, social media makes rekindling friendships with past lovers easier, which throws the whole cheating fiasco back into the scene. In this digital age, the things that you do online not only contribute to divorce but also play a huge role in the legal proceedings. Your partner can use your online statements to reduce your credibility. This can affect child custody or spousal support arrangements. So if you want to protect your marriage, try to limit your use of social media.

In the end, the worst problems don’t always encourage couples to consider divorce; it’s the little things or offenses that pile up over time. So the question stands: do you have these habits?

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